Monday, April 15, 2013

Baking Bread

I have been working on being healthier in more than just my weight. I'm shred my own cheese more than buying already shredded cheese. I'm trying to make my own food instead of buying it already processed. Ideally homemade bread would be a part of that. It isn't impossible. It isn't too hard.  It does take a bit of time, but in the grand scheme of healthiness it is worth it.

Home-baked bread Photo Credit: V. H. Hammer

Except I'm super busy and kinda lazy. So I don't make bread for my family even though it is one of my goals for my family.

Then yesterday magic happened!

Ben wanted a doughnut, so we tried the local bakery in a very nondescript building that I hadn't paid much attention to until Dunkin' Doughnuts moved next door. In general doughnuts are more heavy than I want, so I wanted a bagel. The local place is called Carolina Bagel Bakery Café. That seemed like a good place to get a bagel. So we drove up there.

The parking is in the back. There is a door in the back, but I wasn't sure if I could go in there. So Ben and I walked around the front. We walked in and there were several booths and tables. It wasn't super fancy, but it was comfy and homey looking. Ben looked at the doughnut selection which wasn't big. Still they had a sprinkle one and he was happy. I looked at the bagels, which was a big selection. My eyes fell upon the Superman bagel, half blueberry and half strawberry. That sounded great!

They asked about toppings and I was lost. They listed a few options and I went with the traditional cream cheese. They asked about flavors and again I was lost. They listed a couple things and cinnamon sounded good. They asked if I wanted it toasted. Of course!
 Photo Credit: Me!

While they did that, Ben sat down to eat his doughnut. I picked up a brochure with their story in it. I was impressed with the education and tradition amongst their bakers. The brought me the bagel. Ben and I went back to the car. Ben got buckled in and continued eating. I got buckled in and started eating.


This was maybe the most delicious bagel I have ever eaten in my life and it was just about 7 minutes from my house. My gosh, I'm lucky. Then I remembered what the check out lady said. They bake their bread loaves there in the store from scratch without chemicals.

There it is! The solution to my lazy and busy problem with bread. I can get healthy bread for my family and support a local bakery which makes stuff from scratch and at the very least limits the possibility of slavery in the product line.

Healthy for my family.
Healthy for the local economy. 
Healthy for others in the world.

Praise God for making me want a bagel. I'm super excited about this place!

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