Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Professionals don't need my help

Project 365 #157: 060609 Don't Rain On My Parade  Photo Credit: comedy_nose

Standing outside of the dugout in the cold rain with all 200+ 8th graders was not fun. A surprise fire drill? No. We never plan on having a fire drill during lunch and avoid the rain as much as possible. Yet here we were. This could be considered the story, but it isn't. The story is how we got there. Tuesday at around 12:40 I was in the cafeteria directing traffic as usual when the fire alarm went off. The students immediately turned their volume up. I stood there not sure what to do. However, I am blessed to work with some amazing people. Our football coach had his whistle on him. He blew the whistle and directed the girls down the hall to the gym and out of the building. He directed the boys out the back door of the cafeteria. In only a couple minutes, all 200+ students were out of the building and lined up.

His heroics didn't stop there! The students were getting rained on and it was cold. The solution? The softball and baseball dugouts. Once again, he blew his whistle and directed the students. I and several other teachers followed his lead. The girls all fit snugly into one dugout. The boys needed more space and fit into two others. The students were now keeping warm and dry while we waited on what to do next.

So while I was standing outside of the dugout getting wet and attempting to maintain quiet with the other female teachers, I was thinking about how lucky I was to work with a man who could 200+ students to safety and relative comfort in minutes. Wow! He's a professional and doesn't need my help.

(BTW, there was some slight problem with the ventilation with the dishwasher. No real fire or anything.)

As if that isn't enough goodness going on at work, there is more! An hour or so later, I was preparing to go to my doctors appointment and giving last minute instructions to the students I was leaving behind. Another teacher was standing in the back of the room listening. The students headed to the computer lab and she followed. I got the last of my stuff and headed out. I was going to stop by the computer lab for one last review of the instructions. As I approached the room, I heard her repeating the instructions I had given in a much more measured and organized way than I did. (She's awesome at the organization thing. I'm not, but my students are patient with me.)

I turned around and walked the other way. She was paying attention and getting them going. She's a professional and doesn't need my help.

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