Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 3-30

A little bit of sick and a little bit of sleeping in means it is getting late and I haven't gotten this out yet. Now Ben is begging for Angry Birds on the computer. So I"m going to play a game with my kid.

Photos - Such a good reminder of why I sponsor children through Compassion - I need to remember to rest more often and not feel guilty about it. - Any writers will want to see this and USE it! - This spoke to me as my husband and I have been talking about our student ministry. - Change isn't easy and things will get uncomfortable, but that's okay.

Why these people write - - I hear this! I miss seeing this and kinda miss being a part of it. - So Judy was on here already, but she said more good stuff. She is so good about reminding me what it is really all about. - Jesus didn't clip coupons or cut corners. He did it the hard way because he loves us enough to do it the right way even it was hard. - More Judy! Speaking to my stomach and buying habits. A real story and real advice on how to avoid temptation. - Deep truth from Ashley. "But it wasn't that bad, I know it was worse for someone else." A lie from so many different places with so many different consequences. These words have stuck with me this week. - I am so in love with Pope Francis I. He is changing the world and making me proud to be a Christian. - This one was so hard to read and so much at the core of my fears of mothering a boy. Be aware this is in response to the Steubenville trials. - Oooh. This one stepped on my toes. And it is one I'm saving to read over and over again as a reminder of what every leader needs to face about themselves. - More mother of boys stuff that I worry/ think about. - This man writes from the heart and is so gentle about it. It is a constant reminder of who I want to be. - Some good goal setting thoughts. - Christians and fiction! I could read about this all day long.

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