Saturday, March 2, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 3-2

Photos and Poetry

This Time Around - When the Words Won't Come 

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Jaguar, Ecuador 

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Traditional Home, Libya

Inspiring Words for You and Me
The Esau Project - Don't Tell Me You're Not Strong  - Don’t think that because you’re crying and I’m not that I am stronger than you.  She said it best: Sometimes we need to be the friend to cry with, and sometimes we need to be the friend to cry on.  Don’t believe for a minute that your tears are a sign of weakness.  Don’t believe that the lack of tears is a sign of strength. 

Love, Laundry, Family, and Faith - Finding a Way Through Discouragement  - A virtual friend of mine (virtual meaning online, not someone who is almost my friend) mentioned this week that he was feeling discouraged. My initial desire was to cheer him up, but then I got scared that his discouragement might be contagious, that if I tried to say anything to shed some positivity on him that the blue shadow of his mood might transfer to me. I also worried that because I don’t know his specific situation, my attempts at encouragement might be misplaced and come across as trite.

Drip Jesus- Less is More  - By eliminating some of things that don’t add value or at least cutting down the time we spend doing them, we give ourselves room. .... And when we start to give ourselves room, I believe that the quality of the lives that we are living will greatly increase.

The Story Project - How Antidepressants Made My Emotions the Enemy  - It was like for so long I had this idea that I was caged into my emotions as if I had no authority over them. It was this belief system that put my emotions in charge, like if I woke up tomorrow, and they decided to be sad, I was victim to that. I was stuck in that. It was as if I had no choice in it, as if my emotions were a perpetrator and I was the target. And do you know what it did for me? 

Life As Experienced - The God of Galactic Peace and Pet Turtles  - One child requested prayer for galactic peace, and a moment later another child (presumably Hannah) asked prayer for her turtle.  I love the heart behind both of those requests.
It’s like the first child knows God’s incredible power, and wants the galaxy to be at peace (he may or may not have watched too much Star Wars).  The second one knows God’s incredible love, and know He cares about the details of her life.  Often I forget about one of those things, and my prayer life changes.

Stories That Made Me Think

Red Letter Believers - Last Day on the Farm  - 1936 was a tough year to be a North Dakota farmer. They endured the most severe heat wave in modern history, killing some 5,000 people nationwide and causing wide spread crop failure. And it came on the heels of a terrible winter, one of the coldest on record. It was the the hottest segment of the famous Dust Bowl. No rain. Endless heat. Crops withering. Animals dying.  - 

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Exposed. : a city on a hill can not be hidden - Beoung Trabeck  - While the conditions of this place are rancid to the senses, the people of Beoung Trabaek are absolutely beautiful. Little things give the soft impression of life and hope- small plants potted in plastic bottles; the woman whose daughter is always showered and wearing a clean shirt; the children, most of them with pearly white smiles whose faces are filled with life and joy; a neatly swept house and a welcoming smile as we approach.

The Ramblings of Denise Dilley - Maybe Maddie: A Guest Post by Kirsten LeBlanc  - My heart did not swell that first moment. I felt the amazement of a new life but my heart was numb. I felt blank. Wasn't this supposed to be that moment when a mother feels overwhelming love for her child? As I examined the small fingers and toes, I wondered when or if the moment would come. Why was my heart not filling up with the sweetness and innocence of a very first meeting? She was God's perfection personified. 

Prayer Requests

The Life of a Christ Follower in Albania - Budapest, Birthday, and Biopsy  - The doctors have determined that I have Erythema Multiforme which is caused by an infection.  There are several possible causes of this infection. To help narrow in on the cause the doctor ordered a skin biopsy. This ended up being a large and deep slice of skin from my big toe requiring three stitches. This took place on my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

I'd Laugh, But It All Happened to Me - Nothing, but Prayer  - I have nothing cute or creative to say today.  Dear friends in North Carolina- a couple that had an immense impact on my life and my ministry- lost their 12 year old granddaughter in a crash last night. 

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