Friday, February 15, 2013

This is how I know what love is...

Mom helped me study for my Masters exam while I was driving home. She quizzed me about various books even though she knew nothing about them or even how to pronounce some of them.

Dad bought black olives and kept a little bit of pizza dough raw because he knew I liked eating them, especially together. (Yes, I was an odd kid.)

Jon, my brother, chose to sleep in my room on the floor on Christmas Eve. He choose time with me at Christmas.

When asked where he was taking me for Valentine's Day, Drew said I was so low maintenance that I would prefer IHOP. He knows what I like. 

An anonymous member of church gave us money because they know these last couple of weeks of surgery and travel have been hard.

A friend going out of her way to make sure Drew ate while his mom was in the hospital.

And the bloggers sharing their space with me, Amy and Tim. And next week Denise.

Especially today, go check out the snippet of fiction that Tim so graciously allowed me to post! Thanks!


  1. Often, it's really the little things that count the most and which our heart never forgets.

  2. Thanks for linking! I love these every week, I just read them late because my blog reader is so consistently backed up!

  3. It is very easy to do! I'm always happy to share good things.