Monday, February 11, 2013

Refocusing This Blog

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At one time I had two blogs, but then I put them together because they seemed to be saying the same thing and going the same way. I played around with the days I was going to post and have settled comfortably into  a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule with a summary post on Saturday. Every so often I will post a poem or something creative, but it doesn't seem to fit into what I said I was going to do with this blog.

The tagline is "Using my real life to encourage growth in my relationships and yours." The idea was to tell stories about what is going on with me, like this and this, to help you think differently about relationships that you are in. I'm also sharing about what is going on in my spiritual life, like this and this. That all feels like it falls under the tagline of the blog. However, the poetry and creative things don't really feel like it belongs. So I restarted my other blog with a new name and a new focus. That will be my creative outlet. I may not post regularly there, but I will post when I have a creative piece to share. Since I'm not posting regularly, I would encourage you to subscribe via reader like Google Reader OR via email in order to get what I write delivered to you. (Thanks to Amy for the idea.)

That means I will focus this blog on what I said I would. I will be telling stories about my life that I think might help you to laugh or look at something in a new way or whatever. I will also be talking about what I am going through and learning spiritually. I will also be sharing the opportunities for you to make a difference, as I have in the past. So that covers the Jesus and me part.

Also I would love to have your voice on here! It is called Jesus, YOU, and me. So if you have a story from your life where you learned something that could help other people. Share it! My rules are pretty simple...

1. It should be your story from your life.
2. Keep it PG if possible.

There you have it. Simple and sweet.

Thanks for sticking with me through this crazy ride as I figure out what I'm doing on here. And I have some pretty cool driving stories from this weekend that I will share with you on Wednesday. So come back then.

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