Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Is My Muse: Acts 12:1-19

In Sunday School we read Acts 12: 1-19, I started thinking about how Peter and the Church must have felt after he was freed, but James and the guards were all killed. So if I was Peter...

God, you gave me a miracle,
But you let him die.
I am your son.
He was your son.

God, you gave the Church a miracle,
But it cost the lives of sixteen.
We are your children.
They were your children.

Jesus, you taught me to love
because all people are worthy.
I am your friend.
They were your friends.

God, how can I understand this?
How can I trust you?
How can we move forward
With this blood on our hands?

God, why didn't you save them?
Why did they have to die?
Why am I alive?
Why do I feel so guilty?

Jesus, are you really a redeemer?
Can you really use this?
Does your blood cover all this?
Does your blood cover me?

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