Saturday, February 9, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 2-9

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Landscape, Czech Republic 

The Esau Project - Delay of Game  - In the ball game it’s a penalty.  You lose some valuable points.  You lose one shot at a touchdown.  But you usually get to try for it again.  Life mirrors sports so much, whether you like sports or not.  When you’re going for something and you screw up, it’s just a setback.  Most of the time it’s not the end of the game for you.

The Scenic Route - I'm Done Chasing Your Dream - I know I do. Over the past couple of years I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to rub shoulders (at least through my computer screen) with other writers. I love it. I have learned so much from being in community with other folks whose passion in life is to make a difference with their words. But I have this huge tendency to quietly hold onto a very unhealthy misconception:
If you can’t or don’t move this way or that way, you have somehow failed at your craft.

Life as Experienced - I'm the Greatest Husband in the World  - Yet I’m struck by how my wife does that every other day.  Sure, I help dry the dishes each night, but every night she washes them.  And yet, she’s never posted on social media about how awesome she is, she never even makes a big deal about it. 

Life as Experienced - I Can't Get No Satisfaction  - Contentment says that I can enjoy where I am in this moment, regardless of my circumstances.  It washes over us, when we realize just how blessed we really are. It’s more than just a feeling though, it’s a habit we have to build into our lives.  Because it’s easy to get sidetracked.

Writer's Space - I Dreamed a Dream  - Songs have a way of touching our hearts. Very often, they help us say something we wouldn’t otherwise be able to put into words. They give life to our innermost thoughts and feelings, particularly those that we are most afraid to let anyone know. 

101 Books - Steinbeck Mocks the Publishing Process  - If you’ve ever had a book published, or even attempted to have a book published, then you are all too familiar with this process. Just call me a glutton for punishment, because I hope to be going through this process myself in the not-too-distant future.
Here’s how John Steinbeck light-heartedly explains the publishing process:

[re]sourced: Handmade with Love from Albania - By purchasing products from these women, you aren’t just helping to lower their families’ risk of being trafficked.
You are helping these women to realize their talents.
You are helping to employ these women while using those talents.
You are helping these women provide for their families.
You are helping these women have hope for the future.

Jeff Goins, Writer - The Most Inspiring 20-Something I've Ever Met - Locals call children who work in the dump “scavengers.” But The Potter’s House has another name for them: tesoros. Treasures.
Due to the personal investment of a few staff members of this nonprofit, Marlon started seeing himself differently. He found a purpose beyond scavenging and subsistence.

Potter's House -
  • Assist: To offer humanitarian aid and assistance to those who cannot help themselves, especially the children and the elderly
  • Develop: To equip the Treasures to develop and become confident, competent, and self-sustaining 
  • Empower: To provide resources for the Treasures to participate in the solution to their personal, familial, communal, and national problems

This Time Around - A Coffee and A Song of Note Friday  - Who You Are did that to me this week. Because you know what? I don’t understand everything that happens in my life or the world around me. But I am getting to know more and more who God is.

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