Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 2-23

Poetry and Photos

Little Stones, Little Stars - Out in the Fields with God 

National Geographic Photo A Day - Cafe, Amsterdam

These made me stop and think
Tammy Helfrich: Embrace Your Story - What's Your Symbol  - Do you have a symbol that resonates with you?
Something that has special meaning for you?
Maybe it’s a family symbol, or something that has helped you through a tough time.

Sundi Jo: Lead. Laugh. Love. - Dear Mr. President - When did we start referring to president’s by their last name?
I was convicted. So were others. For the last four years I have referred to you as Obama. I haven’t recognized you as President Obama and I realize in doing so, I was dishonoring you.

Prodigal Magazine - I Will Fix You  - In just one year of marriage, my perspective on ministry has changed dramatically. What I thought I knew about ministry just wasn’t working in my marriage. I was at a loss until one small shift changed everything for me.

My problem was, I looked at the Bible like a book rather than a person.

Applying the Bible as a user’s manual was my approach to ministry. If there was a problem, I used the Bible to fix it. 

Drip Jesus - On Oppotunities  - “I’m here to pick out a card from my husband to me. I do this so that my kids think that he loves me. I don’t want them to grow up and be like him, so I try to teach them that a husband loves his wife.”

These made me say, "Yes!"
Unknown Jim - Rollercoasters Aren't For Toddlers - I’m a toddler. Maybe even a newborn.
Any way you slice it, when I walk, I’m still very wobbly.
I’ve only been writing seriously for about 6 months.
I’ve been on the page-views-watching roller coaster and I’d like to get off of this ride.

The Story Project - I Have Idolized the Skinny Girl  - I have idolized her. I have thought she is better than me. She is more loved than me. She is more sought after than me. She is more fought for than me. That skinny girl, she is more valuable, more accepted, more of a treasure. 

I have even thought in my mind, "At least if I cannot be skinny, let me have skinny friends. Maybe it will rub off on me, maybe people will forget that I am not skinny." 

Thoughts I have never said aloud, but thoughts that have sat on my mind like cement. - Surviving in an Anti-God Society  - The airwaves of social media are laden with the demise of America. Christians are seen mourning over election results and some are stocking up on guns.
The question of surviving in an increasingly anti-God society seems to come up often.
I recently finished teaching the book of Daniel, which also asks this question. Daniel was taken captive from Jerusalem to Babylon. He was indoctrinated with the culture and customs of Babylon in an attempt to strip him of his Jewish identity. Daniel was forced to serve in a horrible, pagan government.
How did he do it? This is worth a look into the life of an incredible man.

Life As Experienced - They Will Know We Are Christians By Our .... Political Opinions?  - The real challenge is that Jesus wasn’t a political figurehead.  Rather He simply told us to “render unto Caesars that which is Caesars.”  Interestingly that he forgot to tell us which party to vote for, and he never mentioned what political issues were important.  We do know where He stood on taking care of the poor, on loving our neighbors, and on sharing the radical concept of grace with others.

Something for you to check out!

I'm going to be published and you can too! 
Unknown Jim - Let's Write an Ebook - So what’s the challenge? A poetry ebook. The topic is love and relationships—however you interpret that topic. Even if you’d like to contribute a couple Haikus, that’s fine too. You can read more about the ebook guidelines and send in your submissions here. The deadline is next Thursday (2/28/13) so there is not much time to waste.

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