Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Monday, I was blessed to participate in a discussion with some amazing and encouraging ladies. Search #overcomethelie at Twitter and you life will be changed. I promise you. It is powerful stuff.

Tuesday, I had to miss my normal #writestuff discussion. I will be catching up on that today. Last night's discussion was about books that changed your life. Search Twitter and you can get a great list of reading material.

And today, I am sharing a story about my life changing over at The Ramblings of Denise Dilley. She is doing a series for February called "Love Found Me". I'm sharing a story about when love came and found me. It felt rather raw and honest to write. I hope you enjoy it.

I blamed myself and I blamed others. It was not pretty. It was an ugly year full of pain. Not one part of the downward spiral or grabbing the survival line was pretty. However there was one moment of light. One honest prayer that broke through all my pain and anger. I prayed part of "Don't take the Girl" by Tim McGraw, "Take the very breath you gave me."

Head on over there to read the rest of the story. 

And for Friday, I think I have another story about love finding me. So tune in on Friday for another life story.

Thanks for hanging around and supporting my writing elsewhere.

Today be encouraged, find something that speaks to you, and share it.


If you are visiting from Denise's blog, below are a few of my favorite stories.

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