Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Driving Disasters (Nearly)

New traffic pattern ahead Photo Credit: pvera

Monday my mother in law had surgery (It went well) and Friday there was some pre-op stuff. So my husband took her to that and I took Ben to school. Dropping him off was rather uneventful and I was hoping picking him up would be as uneventful. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

As I turned off the main road and headed to car riders, I noticed a van in the drive. As I got closer, I saw it was a carpet cleaning van. I pulled in behind it and thought that surely they were just inside for a minute. They wouldn't have parked in such a bad spot, right? Wrong.

They weren't moving and I was behind them and two more were behind me. Ben's teacher dropped him off and said she was going to drop off the other two. Then their parents would back out and I could too. The other two cars backed out easily and then it was my turn. The difficulty comes in because this particular drive is a curve. I was right in that curve. I turned my wheels and began to back up. I hit the curb, so I pulled forward and tried to go the other way to get a better angle. I backed up again and felt like I hit the same spot. I thought, "Maybe I'm turning my wheels the wrong way." So I turned them the opposite way. Everything in me screamed, "Not that way!" So I put them back the right way and tried again. Maybe a smidge farther. After a couple more of these just to leave me feeling like a complete driving idiot, I finally was able to pull forward. Ben's teacher was very nice as she watched my back and forth dance. She didn't even laugh. Needless to say, I was embarrassed.

When we left there, Ben and I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up my prescription. That was a pleasant and uneventful trip. To get home, we drive down a 'country' road. It isn't really isolated like 'country' roads that I'm used to, but it is a little less traveled than other roads. They were doing a survey on this road. I saw the sign and could see from a ways back that I was approaching the work area. I could also see the guy on my side of the road had not looked my way yet. I slowed a little bit. I saw him wave at the guy on the other side of the road. And then he stepped out into the road. Thank the Lord I had slowed down already. I hit the brakes hard and stopped quickly. The guy's eyes got huge and and he apologized. I'm not sure if he was supposed to look or if the other guy was supposed to warn him, but I was sure glad that I had slowed down when I came toward them. I was also not worrying about my ability to back up anymore.

Then on Saturday night, I drove separately to a youth event in case Ben got too tired to stay. The only problem was that I wasn't sure how to get there. I asked Drew and he tried to explain it, but I just couldn't see in my mind how the two places connected. He told me to just follow him, but I had to get gas and somehow we separated. So I just followed his directions. On the way there, I realized why I didn't know where this place was at. Drew always uses the back way to get there and not the easy, but stoplight filled way he told me about. So I got there later than him even though I left earlier. It was a great night, but I still blamed him for the wrong directions.

So this weekend, I learned that I am not as bad of a driver as I thought I was because I can back out of tight spots, stop in case of emergency, and find the right place even with bad directions.

And I'm over at Amy's place today ranting a little. If you are interested, click here. (After 9:30 am)

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