Monday, January 7, 2013

The Dinner Duel

I forgot to add a couple links to my Good Stuff Saturday post. I had a chance to write a guest post last week for Amy at unchained faith. The title: 2013: A Year for a New Feeling. I'm sharing a little bit of my plan this year to recapture my ability to recognize my feelings.

I also contributed to a district technology blog about iPads in Classrooms. The title: 4 Apps That Saved My Lessons. Pretty straight forward read about teaching and technology.

Self promotion over. (Actually I was trying to promote the other blogs for which I wrote, but whatever.)

Dishwasher Photo Credit: The Eggplant

Sunday is always a hectic day around our house. Church in the morning, lunch with my father in law, a few hours for a nap or to prepare lessons, then youth that evening, and finally a Bible study. With all of that going on dinner is not home cooked and is always quick. Last night Bible study was cancelled and we had leftovers for dinner. I was pretty ecstatic because it sounded like an easy night.

Until I met my foe!

Dinner was supposed to be easy just warming up pizza for dinner.  All I needed was plates and the microwave. Healthy? No. Easy enough to leave time for relaxing? Yes. Ben first requested his pizza cold because he didn't want to use the microwave. He ate about 1.5 bites and said he was done. He wanted to eat his cereal, but we said no. Dinner before dessert. All the sugar in those cereals make them more dessert than breakfast. He whined, but when he tried Daddy's warmed up pizza he wanted some. The timing worked out pretty perfectly because I was going to get my slice. So 2 plates with 2 pieces and 2:30 on the clock and dinner was done. I pulled out the plates from the dishwasher.

And I felt it!

The gritty bits of food or soap still stuck to the plates. All over the plates. So I had to wash them again. Normally no big deal. However, today it was a big deal. The scrub brush thing I normally use is missing a changeable head. The other one was gross and I threw it out. I haven't remembered to get a replacement at the store yet. So no scrub brush. I had a sponge or a washcloth. I opted for the sponge thinking that the rough side would offer me some assistance in the fight.

I set to scrubbing.

It didn't offer me any assistance what so ever. It laid down on the job and I was forced to scrub on the 'already clean' plates with quite a bit of arm muscle and my own finger nails. After several minutes and more than a few thoughts of tossing them in the garbage, I got the plates clean. I rinsed them and dried them. Finally, I could then proceed with the rest of dinner.

The moral of the story:

I give up  using washable dishes. I give up trying to figure out which setting on the dishwasher will wash the dishes and the pans. I give up trying to be green on this issue. I'm using paper plates and living with less frustration. Maybe someday I will be ready to try it again, but for today. The dishwashwer won the battle.

What about you? Do you wash dishes or use paper plates? Why?

(By the way, this is post #500 for me. Yay for me!)

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  1. Good to know I'm not the only one who hates the dishwasher! I believe we will be going to paper. I now know why my Mamaw used her dishwasher as a big drying rack!