Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My First Vlog

These are just a few random thoughts about why I have this blog, which is related to the book that I reviewed last week.

Related to the vlog and from the book First Steps Out:

"So we're going to have to learn how to speak into the midst of the chaos and attract real relationship. Right now, we have a hard time with that."

I want real relationship in the midst of the chaos.

"Anything short of humility perpetuates a cycle of constant self-defensive response to the sources of shame within culture and conscience, and brings a permanent residence to the devices of shame that are only designed to be temporary in visitation."

I want to come to you in humility. I want to learn from you as I hope you learn from me. I want to destroy the shame that holds us captive and keeps us from God.

"Love is real when both parties take a risk and have faith that God's grace - the stuff that brings salvation and change - is being empowered through that step of faith toward each other."

I hope to create love in the space where shame resided.  I want us to take a step toward each other. I know my opinions are different than others, but I don't want that to keep us apart. I want us to take a step toward each other and toward God.

"We  make our lives too hard if we try to do more than just love the people who come into our world - wanted or not."

In the end, it is about loving those who are here because God place you here.

*****I used "  " around feminist and fundamentalist because there are so many people under that banner. I doubt that everyone under that banner is covered by my generalization that is meant to be overly dramatic.*****

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