Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 1-5

This week is a short one, but I think you will love what is here. So enjoy!


National Geographic - Snowstorm, Finland 

National Geographic - Rhino Family, Kenya

National Geographic - Tadpoles, Canada

Pictures of Poverty - Impressed yet? Philippines 

Posts I think you should read

Little Stones Little Stars - The Clock is Not What Matters  - Earlier today, I could feel myself being guarded. “Don’t get too happy. You know something bad’s going to happen.” It’s the whispered shoe that I’m waiting for, the “what if”, the “watch out”, the thing around the corner that keeps me from enjoying whatever moment I’m in. What a lie from the enemy. Like my not-quite-happiness is really going to protect me from the monsters in the closet. I did something different this time. When I heard the whisper, I invited Jesus into the space.

Campfire Cowboys Ministries - Camper Contentedness  - They headed there with everything they owned in a half ton short bed pickup, a 4 door dually pickup and a 20 foot gooseneck stock trailer (which had 4 horses in it).  When they arrived, it was snowing.  The temps have been in the teens at night and in the forty’s by day.  Their new home is a 30 year old bumper pull camper…with no electricity, heat, or running water.  You might think this a tale of woe brought on by the economy, or an illness, or even a tragic accident in their family, etc.  You’d be wrong.  Allow me to explain.

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