Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 1-19

Photos and An Opportunity to Do Good

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Cow and Shepard in India 

Compassion - Through the Eyes of a Child: Philippines 

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Sleeping Lion, South Africa 

The Exodus Road - Rescue Is Coming T-Shirt 

Good Life Advice

Thoughts on Life, God, and Ministry - The Ministry of Presence - It was second nature for him to feel like everyone needed consolation from him, and it was a big deal to have someone there whose presence required no emotional energy.  He needed someone just to be there with no needs, no agenda, and no ulterior motives.

Katie Hawkins: Missionary to Albania - A New View - So we got to see a bird’s eye view of another section of the city.
All because we had to sit somewhere new.
Go a little further than normal.
Sit in a different place.
See something different today.

Micheal D. Perkins: Drip Jesus - On Wasting Time - I often wonder if this is the enemy’s most effective weapon.
I mean, if he can get us distracted from things that really matter, then essentially he’s accomplished what he wanted to.
A believer who does not share the Gospel, who does not demonstrate God’s love, and who does not extend God’s grace is more effective than a person who does not believe in the hands of the enemy.

These Touched My Heart and Challenged Me

Life As Experienced - I Don't Always Read the Bible Because I Enjoy It  - I don’t always sit down, because I expect some kind of insight from God.  I read my Bible because I want to be healthy.  Sure, that’s not the most spiritual answer, but I’d venture to guess that I’m not the only one.  I don’t think God minds it either.

Life As Experienced - Legalism Is Easy  -

Legalism is easy because we get to speak where we feel like God forgot something, but easy doesn’t always mean right.

Ordinary Servant - When You've Lost Your Dream  - I was miserable.
Instead of getting better, I got bitter. I was angry and I was envious of others who were living their lives the way I wished I could.
I honestly did not believe I would ever dream again.

Fun Stuff to Read

Andrew Scott - Lines From The Princess Bride That Double As Comments In a Creative Writing Workshop  - “Doesn’t sound too bad. I’ll try to stay awake.”

“Hold it, hold it. What is this? Are you trying to trick me?”

The Washington Post: Entertainment - Frank Zamboni: As Google Doodle Celebrates Cool Inventor, Here Are 8 Things You Do Not Know About the Zamboni Machine  - Frank Zamboni, who earlier worked as a mechanic in his brother’s auto repair shop, spent much of that decade working on his game-changing creation. And in 1949, Zamboni invented the world’s first self-propelled ice-resurfacing machine — cutting to mere minutes a job that before required an hour-and-a-half and at least several shovelers.

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