Friday, January 18, 2013

Gender Equality

I generally avoid writing controversial stuff on here because I'm not interested in an argument. I understand that I am an opinionated woman and as such my strong opinions have a tendency to make people disagree with me. However, for today I am putting that aside.

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Let me start with the stuff that will make the most people mad.

I disagree with feminism. (Sort of)

I am glad that there are women who are fighting for the rights of women all over the world to be able to pursue a safe and happy life. I am glad that there are women out there who call us on our cultural and societal tendencies to put women down. In fact, I had a pretty good rant to my husband on Wednesday night about some of those very tendencies that appeared in our life.

I am not that woman and some days I fear those women.

I fear that in their passion for people to know about the rights of women and the cultural tendencies to not uphold those, they have or will push men out of the picture. I fear a world where my son grows up as less than because he is a man. I fear world where my husband is looked down upon because of the parts he possesses. I fear that in a search for equality and justice they might stop looking for God's worldview and gender view. I fear a world where the strengths inherent in a man will not be valued.

I have seen the hurt caused by women careless with the power they hold. I have seen men hurt deeply by women they love because their contribution as man and husband were not valued. I worry that we have created a culture where to be an advocate for women means you must be a detractor of men. I realize that not every advocate for women is like this. I also realize that not all men value women as equals. I realize we have a long way to go toward gender equality and discussions about it are good.

I just really want there to be space for men to be good men as God made them to be in the feminist theology.

So if you are a feminist reading this, can you please leave a space in your hearts, your minds, and your theology for men? Thanks.


  1. Thanks. I know this is a sensitive subject, so I wanted to word it carefully.

  2. Interesting. I've never thought about how men might ultimately be effected long-term in the midst of the feminist debate. Is it possible that the pursuit of female equality could lead to men being seen as less than? Good thoughts.

  3. That is my fear. It is something that has happened or at least been proposed by other fights for equality. It is important to remember that for all the stupid comments we hear, there are good men out there silently working with us.

    It is a rare person that can fight for true equality. Martin Luther King Jr. truly embodied that and he is one of my heroes.

  4. Yeah. I worked in an office in Chicago that was run by a woman who hired young beautiful women, and together they slept with and scorned most men. To swing from one extreme to the other is not helpful.

  5. That is a terrifying example of the misuse of power that women have been given as a result of feminism. And as you said, not helpful.