Monday, January 28, 2013

Dieting makes my life better

Exercise the Cortex Photo Credit: jurveston

So I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and I really didn't like the number on the scale, so I thought it was about time that I got serious about losing weight. A friend of mine has been talking about a website she uses, so I thought I would ask her about it. My Fitness Pal is pretty straight forward. You record your weight now, your desired weight, and your timeline for losing. It will tell you how many calories you can eat to lose that amount. You record what you eat and it keeps track of the calories. You work out and record what you've done. It will tell you how many calories you burned. If something is not there, you can add it. So now it has become like a competition. Can I fill my goal of water for the day? Can I fill my work out goal for the week? Can I fill my calorie goal for the day?

So far it is working because I have only gone over my calorie goal two days this month. And I have lost 10 pounds. That's all exciting, but that's not the best thing about it so far. The best thing about this calorie tracking diet thing I'm doing is that my house is cleaner. When I do the dishes or the laundry or clean off the countertops or rearrange Ben's playroom, I can count that as calories burned. And let me tell you Ben's playroom needed rearranged for MONTHS! I have also have a happier son because I get in the floor and play with him. I lift him up and we play 'Hurray'. It's also Bicep Curls with a 40 pound weight. We play 'Turbulence', where I put him on my feet and fly. Only now he only likes to do the turbulence part of the plane ride. That is called Leg Extensions with a 40 pound weight. More calories burned without me separating myself from my family and my responsibilities.

So I'm losing weight, keeping my house clean, and bonding with my son.

Dieting makes my life better!


  1. Sounds like you're doing great with it! I've done the 'kiddie' curls a few times as well, I'm going to have to start doing it more regularly. I also just found something that will convert my regular bike into a stationary one for when it's so cold. I'm really excited about getting that going!

  2. Awesome! That sounds super helpful. My mom LOVED her stationary bike. Personally, I just love being able to work out at home. (Because I have a treadmill.)

  3. Thanks. You have been a big inspiration.