Friday, January 25, 2013

Being a pacifist

There has been much talk about gun control and violence and solutions and what not. I have heard people talking about pacifism. I'm not sure what I believe, but I did have this thought about pacifism. If you are a pacifist, does that mean you are against war or that you are trying to create peace in your life?

I have heard the anti gun stance. I have heard the anti violence stance. I have heard the gun for sport stance. I have heard the gun for protection stance. All of those stances have points that sound good and others that sound impractical. So maybe this discussion is limited when we focus only on guns. Maybe we should be having a discussion about peace. Maybe we should be focusing on creating peace in our lives. We should be making sure that our comments on blog posts are in dialogue with someone, not yelling at them in a way that causes fights. We should make sure that our tweets and Facebook statuses are leaving room for other people instead of clumping everyone into a "you're bad category." We should be working with our co-workers instead of against them. We should be loving our family members instead of complaining they aren't up to our standards.

To me that is being a pacifist.

Do your ace any thoughts about pacifism?

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