Wednesday, December 19, 2012

See you later

So I had a few thoughts I had considered typing up for today.

Santa is like God because he has a naughty and nice list which tells us we believe that our actions do matter and can be good or bad based on the judgments of a superior being. (If he has flying reindeer and a sleigh that goes around the world in one night, he's better than us.) There are more things that I thought of that proves to me that modern society is still desperately clinging to God, but not wanting to call him that. So society is searching and in searching we open ourselves to finding him. I call that hope.

And the word 'Incarnation' has been my motto lately. I don't claim to understand it all, but the idea that Jesus fully a part of God left the perfection of heaven to arrive on Earth as a baby and live with the restrictions of humanity and the knowledge that in the end he would carry the sin of the world forcing his Father to turn from him. That is starting to seep into my being.

I picked my One Word for 2012, Faithful. Around the house, it's hit or miss. Some days are good and some not. With people, I have to remind myself sometimes, but overall it's been good. And with the walk to which God is calling me. I genuinely want his will for my life even when it is scary. I'm praying lots about that and working on some of what he is telling me.

However, I'm not writing a whole post on those because I really just wanted to go to bed 45 minutes ago. In the morning I need to work out and shower, so that leaves no time for a post. So this is the post for today. Enjoy that thoughts. And maybe I'll get around to posting something for Friday. Maybe not. I'm also not sure if I will be posting next week or not.

So until I see you again, Merry Christmas.

Celebrate the Incarnation the way He is calling for you to celebrate. Enjoy time with him.

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