Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 12-8

Photos you want to see:
Compassion - The World Through My Eyes: Juan David

Why you need to read these:
Relevant Magazine - When People Pray for the President  - I have never really thought about the vulnerability and courage it takes to be the president. This article reminded that our President is a human and has real thoughts and feelings. You must read this one!

The Isle of Man - Is it Possible for Jesus and Santa to Peacefully Coexist?  - A little sanity in the Jesus and Santa debate. I have a few thoughts of my own on this and might be sharing those soon. In the mean time read this one. It is amazingly well done in my opinion.

Shawn Smucker - One of my Goals for Advent - Shawn always does an amazing job of telling a story about his family and fitting it into your life. He has done it again and had got me thinking. Maybe you should too.

Some truth about Christians

The Church of No People - Drinking, Gambling, Guns, and Porn are not Problems  - Your problem is you.
My problem is me.
We have “Me” problems.  Not drinking problems or gambling problems, but Me problems.
That is to say we have sin problems.  Sin is born into us.  It is part of us.  It is violent, addictive, selfish and depressing.  It is not outside of us, in a bottle, or in a bullet.  It is in us.  There are no other “underlying factors” or “root causes.”

The Isle of Man - I like your Christ, I Do Not Like Your Christians  - I think Ghandi was most repulsed by the thing that many modern day non-believers are kept at bay by:

We're mean.

Does that apply to all Christians? Of course not. But so many Christians are, quite simply, just not very nice people. And that doesn't make any sense. It flies in the face of what we're supposed to believe in.
Shawn Smucker - Why You Should Not Share The Gospel  -There is a movement sweeping through our neighborhoods. You’ll rarely hear about it on the local news, because this is good news. This is THE Good News. The Kingdom of the Heavens is among us, and it’s moving, and it’s changing people’s lives. You can either pretend that everyone within a ten-mile radius of your house has their lives together, or you can go out and be their friend. Help them get food. Buy them a coffee. Encourage them to persevere.
Join the revolution. Share the good news.
No. Don’t share the good news. BE the Good News.

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