Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Presence: Lights and God

Another series of theme posts with a few different voices. At least that is the plan for now. These are a collection of stories about people understanding Christmas better. Learning that it isn't about the Christmas presents from man, but the presence of God that makes Christmas special.

20101127 Christmas Lights Downtown (104) Photo Credit: JimyJOp

"The lights are beautiful. I wish we had them all year long."

"If they were here all the time, would you appreciate them?"

"Probably not. Heaven should have them then." *Thoughtful Pause* "Those just prove there is a God."

So most people probably don't look at the Christmas lights around town and think it is proof of God. It might be proof of man's ingenuity. It might be proof of the price of Christmas. However proof of God might seem like a stretch. But stick with me for a minute.

We love Christmas lights. I even said I want them all year. There is something special about seeing the streets lit up. We drive through our neighborhoods and seem to peep into the homes of those around us. We see a little about their preferences and who they are by their choices of lights. It welcomes you to wherever you are going and lights the way ahead of you. Not like in the sense that our car head lights do. I mean it lights the way ahead of us by marking out the houses along our route. And this time of year we are in awe of the Christmas lights that are around.

Maybe that awe of the lights is something more than just prettiness.

Humans are in awe of light because God is light and Jesus brought light into the world. So our awe of Christmas lights are the proof that deep within us our spirit is prompted by the Spirit to respond to the Light. As I struggle through this Christmas looking for a deeper meaning, I find hope in the lights that I see and take heart that maybe I am closer than I know to the deeper meaning of Christmas.

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