Friday, December 7, 2012

A night on the town

Last weekend Drew told me about a friend coming into town. He had promised our friend a hockey game because we are all big fans. We settled on Saturday because we could all go and handle a late night. Then we discovered there was no game on Sat. So Thursday was the new plan for the two of the.m. At the last minute yesterday afternoon I decided to go to the game with the two of them which gave Ben the opportunity to go.

All of that is to tell a story about me being a ridiculous. It has been awhile since I have been I have been in a big city and the first time I have been there with a toddler. I really didn't think about it before we got there. However, when we parked in the lot and walked by a couple empty buildings, I got nervous. I worried about what those guys hanging out on the corner might say and if the new to us car would be safe.

We got out. Both Drew and I checked over the car. We headed toward the arena. We walked by the abandoned buildings. We stopped at the light. Right in front of the group of guys hanging out on the corner. And....

A street corner in Barrio Lavapies in Madrid Photo Credit: CharlesFred

They started up a conversation about hockey and basketball. I felt like a total idiot. So after a remarkably pleasant conversation between adults, we crossed the road and went I to the stadium. I found myself facing another dilemma, the security check. Do they check a three year old? And how will my three year old react? I sat my purse down. And grabbed both of Ben's hands like a game. He was to be next and...

Tel Aviv -  Herzl security wand Photot Credit: Whistling in the Dark

The gentleman looked at in my purse and wished us well. I felt surprised and honored. He recognized my gesture as permission to run the wand over Ben and I. That willingness (and my hockey shirt with matching hat) was proof enough of our good intentions. 

We had arrived late and by the time we found our seats there was only about 5 minutes left in the first period. At intermission, Drew took Ben to go potty. While they were there, the team launched t-shirts into the crowd. One of the final t-shirts thrown landed in the hands of a twenty something man. He cheered and turned back to his seat. The two kids nearby looked disappointed. And...

061212_BBMhannahanrehab3 Photo Credit: lindsayjf91

The guy turned back around and gave the little boy the shirt he had just caught. I felt proud to be a part of a crowd that would do that. The little boy was overjoyed. He was jumping up and down. 

It was really a very special night that impressed upon me the opportunities to see God at work in humanity. Opportunities I don't often get to see because I'm too busy looking at my life. It was nice to see God prove me wrong 3 times tonight.

Look for the opportunity today for God to prove you wrong.

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