Friday, November 9, 2012

To my dear departed coffee thermos

spilt coffee Photo Credit: Kreative Eye - Dean McCoy

Yesterday was a very sad day for me.

It started out so positive. I had read my blogs, had my breakfast, got my lunch ready, got my coffee, and got to school early! How awesome is that. I have duty on Thursday mornings. I had a few papers in my hand and headed to my duty station. I was standing on the second floor landing looking at the 2 flights down to the first floor. I am there to make sure that students don't run or go the wrong way on the stairs. It was going well until that fateful second just minutes before my duty was done.

My coffee was sitting on the stair railing. It was close at hand when I wanted a drink of my delicious blueberry coffee with pumpkin pie creamer. I moved my hand down and my fingers brushed the cup. I felt it falling over the wrong way. It was falling toward the first floor. I couldn't stop it. I did the only thing I could.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" I wailed like a toddler losing his ice cream.

The students on the stairway stopped. They stared at me and looked at the coffee on the floor. I couldn't look. The damage was too tragic and horrific. My almost full cup of wonderful fair trade blueberry coffee with pumpkin pie creamer was laying splattered all over the new terazzo tile floors. I was devastated and distraught. I went to the office and radioed the custodian. I finally went back to look at that damage. There was my beautiful thermos laying beside an uneven pool of wonderfully smelling coffee. Several students stopped to ask me what happened. I told them I spilled my coffee over the edge. They asked how it happened.

I answered, "Because I'm an idiot."

I went down the two flights of stairs to wait on the custodian. When I got there, I noticed my lid which was in 3 pieces. I also noticed the precision with which it avoided the stairs. That could have caused a really hard to  clean mess. I also noticed the area it landed was a currently unused storage area. And thankfully there was no one on the stairs or near the area. God is good to cover my mistakes!

In conclusion, I repeated my "I am an idiot" line a few more times. A student attempted to console me by observing the good smell emanating from the puddle on the floor. I pushed them on to class. The custodian showed up and wiped away my mess in no time. Coffee gone. Coffee thermos gone. All hope for savory and safely stored coffee gone. Thankfully our fantabulous custodial staff took it all in stride and didn't even give me the slightest indication of perturbance with my tragedy. And that was a blessing! I already felt ridiculous enough for dropping my coffee 2 floors.

With the evidence wiped away, I walked up 4 flights and went on about my day without my dearly departed coffee thermos.

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