Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 11-3

The Isle of Man - Friday Funhouse: Nov. 2, 2012

Stuff you should read

NoSuperHeroes - Offense is a two way street - One person was telling another, “When you do this it offends me.”
Which really meant, “I am annoyed.”
Cultural sensitivity is important, but cannot become the excuse we use.
Unknown Jim - Time to Share - My lungs cried out for air. All of my thoughts drifted and then kept coming back to one central thought: just one more breath. The breathing slowly started to come easier.

Prodigal Magazine - Embarrassed by Art  - Think of all the moments your parents were there for you in those moments, to tell you that you were embarrassing yourself.

She is Fierce - Icing on the cake - Some days, you forget what it was like when she was in your arms for that brief moment, tiny and silent and purple before they whisked her away to that other hospital.

Compassion - The refugees of Sao Hin - In order to reach Sao-Hin, one must drive through all kinds of conditions including rocks, mud, sand and sometimes rivers. In the rainy season, it is impossible to enter or leave.
Mr. Charoensak, director of the Sampaan Rak Student Center shares,

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Dripping Jesus - Surrender our hearts - You want to know what scares me more than just about anything?
The amount of people who think they are saved by works.
Katie Hawkins: Missionary to Albania - Families, Food, and Fellowship - Marijana had told us she would make spinach byrek for Nicole’s parents but then yesterday, Ida asked Nicole if her parents ate chicken. So we weren’t sure which one we were having. Once again, we weren’t 100% sure what we were getting into.

The Grocery Run - Choosing the Better - I don’t want to be here. Hobby Lobby has much more allure for me. I can think of several ways to spruce up the place, but, spending money won’t solve my problem today. My home needs healing. It needs attention and I’m avoiding it. Incredibly.

Hurrican Sandy information
Hope Mob - Sandy

WYNC - How to help - Sandy Recovery

Project Woodhaven- Sadness and Hope- Bringing Relief to the Rockaways 

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