Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 11-24

Not many articles this week. I have been working hard on my NaNoWriMo novel. So I have not been reading closely. I do have a few good things, so enjoy them. (And since there are fewer, I don't see any reason you shouldn't go read them all!)

Red Letter Believers - What to do When You Feel like You Are in a Losing Battle - Do you think that your identity is being sucked away by the culture? Do you hurt for a world that is set up to fail, and you don't see any answers? Then read on...

Estonia is an country in the Baltic region that for much of it's history has actually been part of someone else. The list of occupiers is a long one, as they were pawns in power struggles between Vikings, Swedes, Normans, Germanics, and a host of others. 
The Church of No People - Post Culture War America  - If you ask me, (and I don’t know if you are), we have been tricked into dying on a lot of hills that just don’t matter.  We are fighting, battling, bloodying each other on issues that are tertiary.  A hill always seems big when you are standing on it.  But not when you see it from a birds-eye view.
Prohibition looked like a big enough hill to die on in the 20s.  That turned out to be a disaster.  (And it proves my second point.  If people want something, they will get it.)
Take any sacred cow you want in the culture war.  It is probably an idol that is just a distraction.  And that goes for the biggest sacred cows. You know the one I’m talking about (I’ll let you guess.)
A Deeper Family - Crying in our Mashed Potatoes  - I see you there. And God sees you, too. And there are many chapters to your story like there are many chapters in mine. But I want to say that it’s okay if this week, you cry into the mashed potatoes. You won’t be the only one.

The Sound of Hope - Our Kids in India Need Your Help  - In case you missed it, we posted a new fundraiser last weekChristmas is coming in India, but WINTER is already there! With each passing day, the temperatures continue to drop. We have 86 little boys and girls who desperately need blankets and winter clothes to make it through the cold weather. And we need YOUR help to get them all "sponsored" for Christmas!

No SuperHeroes - Community Development  - An illustration of this is in Deuteronomy 20:!9-20. God tells them that when they attack a city, not to cut down the fruit trees! Why? Does God really care that much about fruit trees? He is helping them plan for the future. It would be easier to go straight in and take the city, but by keeping the food source it helps them with city planning in the future! If these fruit trees remain they will serve them for many years.

Life as Experienced - You Can Stop Being Thankful on Friday  - But then Friday we celebrate the holiday of dissatisfaction.  We stand in line for hours to get a new bigger tv, or to buy our kids even more stuff.  The turkey hangover turns into a coffee buzz as thankfulness takes a backseat to materialism.

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