Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 11-17

Famous People

ESPN - Special Team - So she tried a whole new path -- the starting quarterback of the undefeated football team. After all, senior Carson Jones had once escorted Chy to the Special Olympics.
"Just keep your ear to the ground," Liz wrote to Carson on his Facebook page. "Maybe get me some names?"
But Carson Jones did something better than that. Instead of ratting other kids out, he decided to take one in -- Chy.

Prodigal Magazine - I take all the blame - How can I expect people to talk about The Church in a positive manner if I’ve failed to be The Church myself?
  • I’ve judged others because they were different from me.
  • I’ve ignored the the cries of those in need because I was busy.
  • I’ve gotten caught up in gossip because everyone else was doing it.
  • I’ve pretended that everything was okay when I was a complete mess.
Not very “Jesusy” at all.

Bryan Allain - So about that Tweet  - In case you missed it yesterday, I somehow found myself on a Time Magazine list with Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Lady Gaga, and Alec Baldwin. (Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.) Here’s how it all transpired:

The Church of No People - I Don't Have a Relationship, I Have Rules  - That relationships and rules are not opposites, or are somehow mutually exclusive.
Relationships, by their very nature, are predicated upon rules.  When rules are broken, so is the relationship.  Right now, Petraus is fighting for his life by trying to cling to the fact that his affair did not start until after he was out of the military (which hands down significant punishments for adultery.) But the point is that a rule (fidelity) was broken and so a relationship (his marriage) has been damaged, just like every marriage which has endured infidelity.

 The Isle of Man - Friday Funhouse: November 16, 2012 - SpongeBob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thor, and Shrek. These are good!

Top of the Page - When it Feels Hard to Hold on to God - But I start to think that's what it's all about. Like a spiritual Hokey Pokey. You do this, and you do that, and you shake it all about. That's how it works. I try really hard, therefore God and I get closer. 

Church this past weekend had us evaluating where in our lives we need to be "relentless." Is it taking in God's word? Is it prayer? In other words, where in your life do you need to try harder? 

The Isle of Man - The Dark Place  - It's in the dark place that I allow myself to embrace the anger and the bitterness.

Why did God let me lose my job? Why has God not provided a new and real source of income? Why do I tuck my tail and hang my head in shame, taking handouts and "God bless yous," while evil men are made to look like heroes in newspaper articles?

Where is the justice? Why have I gone unavenged?

New to Good Stuff Saturday People

NCCS Curriculum Department - The Power of a Handwritten Note  -  Periodically I take the time to transcribe a handwritten note to a colleague, my wife or a friend. Sometimes it’s just to say “thank you” for work well done. Other times it’s just a note of encouragement or a message to let them know I have them on my mind. I can’t count the number of times, sometimes months later, that I’ve seen those same handwritten notes taped to that person’s computer screen or thumbtacked to a corkboard in their office. 

Katie Axelson: Living a story worth telling - Becoming a Writer  - They didn’t just wake up one day and write a book. They had each been blogging for several years and writing for even longer. They had put in the hard work to get to the place where they were ready when the opportunity came.
With the emerging publishing options, it is fairly easy to publish your work, but there are no short-cuts to a successful career as a writer (or any other career, for that matter).
Life as experienced - 10 Years from Today -

Many don’t realize it, but the commitments you select will shape who you are.

Talk to someone who has volunteered to serve homeless men breakfast for the last 5 years, and you’ll find someone who is passionate about loving the homeless.  Talk to someone who has been teaching third grade Sunday school for a few years, and you’ll find someone who loves kids.

Unchained Faith - True (Gross) Confessions of a Coffee Drinker  - Last Friday, I was out doing the weekly shopping.  We were planning on having family over for dinner on Sunday, and most of the people coming enjoy coffee.  We had purchased our Giant Box of Coffee online, which will last us until sometime in the next decade.  To go with that, I decided to try a new kind of coffee creamer.
That was a monumentally stupid idea.

Pen to Paper - Talkin' Fiction Friday: My Beef with the Romance Genre  - And sadly, since there are so many of these books, some non-romance reading people think that’s what all romances are about. But thankfully, not all romances are like that.
What I consider a great romance novel is a story dealing with the hearts of two people with great chemistry where you do NOT need a sleazy sex scene to prove the love between two characters.  I want to watch the characters get to know each other, get past their quarrels and differences, and fall in love. The story needs to emotionally drive you all the way through to the end, the characters emotions become yours.  The stories are genuine and heartfelt. 
Life as Experienced - Parenting the Facebook Generation  - This current generation of parents is the first to have to deal with this, no other generation of parents have had to teach their kids what a virus on Facebook looks like, or teach them the difference between an @-reply and a Direct Message on Twitter.

My good friends who have good words

Reaching Out - Defining Cults: Part 5 - Imagine your birthday.  You have all these presents ready to be unwrapped.  Inside one box is an item you’ve wanted for several months now.  Every time you’ve seen it in the store you’ve pointed out to your mother that you want it for your birthday.  Every time your father comes home from work you let him know how many days away your birthday is.  Your parents, on the other hand, are horrible secret keepers and they have let it slip on more than one occasion your choice gift will be unwrapped on your birthday.  You quickly blow out the candles, you smile for all the pictures, and then, right as you are about to tear into the first box which you know holds this thing your heart has desired so greatly for so long, your father takes it away and says, “Not now, you have to go mow the yard first.”
You’re in shock.  ”But, its my birthday.”

and Part 4 - Christians hold Jesus Christ to be the center of their religion.  He is equal with God.  We believe he proved his deity and performed divine works.  We believe He is the Creator (Also see Hebrews 1:8-10), He is able to forgive sin, and He will judge us at the Final Judgment.  I could go on, but suffice it to say the Christian believes Christ to be the central figure of their religion.

Katie Hawkins: Missionary to Albania - Explain me this: Eating and Shopping  - It makes more sense to my American mind to have the server hovering around me and than a shop assistant when I’m trying to look around and think.

The Grocery Run - Friday's Ingredient: Guar Gum - According to Wise Geek, “many ice creams, puddings, and canned sauces would be fairly inedible without [it].”
. . . unless you made those things from scratch (my observation).
So, is it good for you or not?

This Time Around - A Coffee and Some Great Storytelling Friday  - The man not only knows how to tell stories and subsequently edit them once in video format, but he seems to really enjoy telling them as well. (Because what funny story does not exponentially increase in hilarity with the laughter of the narrator?)

This Time Around - Hard Times Don't Necessarily Mean You Should Quit - Because dream chasing shouldn’t be hard, should it? When I find God’s will for my life in various areas, it should all slide into place easey-peasey, right? Doesn’t “experiencing hard times while pursuing God’s will” mean “you’re actually so far out of God’s will you’re in another galaxy” in at least one translation of the Bible?

The Grocery Run - Rules that Break the Rules - Last night, I was with a group of friends, enjoying an early Thanksgiving dinner. The food was awesome, but my new diet restrictions didn’t allow many choices to pick from. Instead, I chose to fall back on my “rules” of eating when “the rules” might get in the way.