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Good Stuff Satruday 11-10

Pictures of Poverty - On a scale of 1 to 10, how contagious is this guy's smile

Society and God
The Isle of Man - When an ecard is more than just an ecard  -  With that said, I've always been very self-reliant. I'm completely capable of doing laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming, picking out clothes that match, and making sandwiches.

I love my wife very much, but I survived very comfortably before I met her.

I don't believe I'm alone in this regard. Sure, I know guys who are immature and fairly hopeless without their wives, but I'm not willing to believe that is the rule and not the exception.
Jaime the Very Worst Missionary - Jesus in Cougar Town  - The object of her peri-menopausal desires made a hasty exit, and then a little girl, just 11 or 12 years old, walked up to the dejected temptress. “MOM! That was SO embarrassing!

And suddenly it wasn't really funny anymore.

It was sad.

The Grocery Run - What's your motive? - I blew it. My heart sank. The rest of the visit went fine, but on the way home, I thought about my intention, my motive, why I felt so compelled to tell my new friend that we don’t eat the REAL Oreo’s, we eat the HEALTHY kind.
I didn’t want her to think bad about me. 

Relationships are not easy

Compassion - Relationship: An Art of Awesome Worship - Imagine! There is a big donor conference to raise millions of dollars to further God’s kingdom. Jesus has been invited to chair this conference. A donor announces a donation of 100 million dollars, but the Master is not impressed.
The people around wonder why He is not cheering up! The Master says to the donor, “Go with your money till you restore your relationship with your business partner; then I can receive this gift.”

Courtesy of Compassion International:

A Deeper Story - I don't know how to let people love me  - Last week I visited a friend in Austin. We spent some time with her older brother. He talked about the difference between transparency and vulnerability, noting, “transparency is admitting weakness, vulnerability is admitting need.”
I am transparent but vulnerability has long been my struggle. It comes down to this: I rarely know what I need and I don’t want to be an imposition on my friends.

God and the Church
The Church of No People - Why relevance is completely irrelevant  - I have seen churches featured on blogs that many of you go to.  They are massive, sexy churches.  They look like they are trying to win a high school popularity contest.  They are all trying to be relevant.  Some of them do it by trying to tie secular music into their worship set.  Some of them try to make quippy church signs.  Some pastors try to give eyebrow-raising sermons.
And if this is how they are trying to achieve cultural relevance, then they are all missing the point.
Drip Jesus - Are you with me?  -

I’m tired.

I’m tired of mediocre Christianity.
I’m tired of half-hazard Christianity.
I’m tired of selfish Christianity.
I’m tired of powerless Christianity.

Faith in Albania

Katie Hawkins: Missionary to Albania - But as for me  - God has called each of us to share his truth, his light, his hope, his life. For me, I find it’s often easier said than done. Sometimes, stuff happens and I get behind.

Life of a Christ Follower in Albania - Mission Jericho  - They along with members from our team committed to walking every morning for six days and on the seventh day, seven times around the Kenet. Rain or shine, we committed to circle the Kenet in prayer.

Other life stuff

The Jacksons' Journey - Confession::I've been accusing God  - But I was convicted - heavily - last week, when I realized my "What ifs" weren't just questions. They were accusations. When I stress out about the worst case scenario, what I'm really saying is, "I don't trust you God."

Writer's Space - Beginnings  -  had just fulfilled one of my childhood dreams of building my own house and Van Gogh’s painting of the night sky as it danced across the canvas with so much power, seemed to welcome me to a new beginning in my life.

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