Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Teams

White ducks Photo Credit: Citrus.Sunshine

Last Friday, I mentioned that we have decided on family baseball teams, Cardinals and Yankees. Maybe to some who read my blog that seems like a small issue. In my family, it's actually a pretty huge issue. Before Ben was born, we decided that Ben would be a Cardinals fan and Drew got all the other sports. However, Ben now has a Mets story book and a Mr. Met doll. So if someone were to ask him, "Mets or Cardinals?" He says Mets. I was pretty upset about that. So last Sunday, Drew said we could compromise. Yankees and Cardinals. I happily agreed. Drew redecorated the living room to reflect our new teams. Ben was still carrying around his Mr. Met doll, but he was also carrying a Yankees Snoopy and a Fredbird doll.

Finally we seemed to be coming together.

Then on Saturday, Drew was on the computer and made a face about something. After a little prodding, he said that some of his friends who were Mets fans were disappointed that he was a Yankees and Cardinals fan. Something you may not know about my husband is the amount of time he spends online talking and reading about his teams. He is pretty much an expert about his teams, what is going on with them, and what will go on with them. He is a huge contributing member of the online presence for his teams. So by switching teams that leaves a gaping hole in the community. So they were understandably disappointed. And that bothered me.

But probably not for the reason that you are thinking.

I don't ever want him to give up who he is for me. I know how important sports teams are to him and who he is. So we chatted and came to a new compromise. The Cardinals have to be on his radar and he has to help me support them with Ben. As long as the Cardinals are on Ben's radar, then I will be happy. I told him that I would help him support the Jets, Rangers, and Knicks with Ben to make sure those teams are on Ben's radar. And even though those are our family teams, there is no reason that our personal teams need to change.

So I can be a Cardinals, Blues, and Rams fan. He can be a Mets, Jets, Rangers, and Knicks fan. He will still follow the Chicago teams. And as a family we will follow the Yankees because there are some very good friends who are Yankees fans. That will provide us with fellowship opportunities with these important people.  Sports really are that important to us and our families. Our memories are filled with times we spent watching sports with family and friends. It really is important to us that our son shares some of these memories, that he hears the stories of the previous 4 generations of Cardinals fans, that he hears about how Daddy bonded with his Grandpa over the Mets, and how Daddy's family watched the 1981 World Series cheering for the Yankees. These are important parts of who we are and we want to share that with Ben. It isn't easy and we are still trying to figure out what that will look like. What I do know is this, Drew understands how important the Cardinals are to me and I understand how important his teams are to him. We love each other enough to make sure we live this out with our son as well.


  1. This is so incredibly sweet! I love how you recognize that this is something that your husband needs and not just passing it off as being silly.

    I love this post! I actually feel like I need to chew on it a little bit. I'll get back to you if I come up with anything deeper.

  2. So glad to hear that it is meaningful to you. I was worried it sounded frivolous, but it is really important to us.