Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3 Encouraging Ladies and 1 Funny Man

The other day when I was standing in the kitchen making breakfast and I was thinking about some friends of mine. I was thinking about how thankful I am for them. So I thought I would put that on here.

Thanks to Michelle for pushing me. You are my NaNoWriMo hero and you always know what to say to convince me to keep working. I have only finished one novel in my life. I started it at like 14 and finished it at like 30. You have finished one for NaNoWriMo for more years than I remember. I find that amazing and inspiring. Thank you for pushing me to believe in myself.

Thanks to Julie for keeping me working out. You are so encouraging without being demanding. You are honest and therefore making the whole process of working out regularly less intimidating. When I am up at 6 am to work out, I think Julie is up doing this too. Thank you for pushing me past my resistance.

Thanks to Judy for keeping me eating better. I find myself choosing better foods. I find myself eating less because I don't want all the extra. I find myself looking at the ingredient lists more often. You are informative, but not realistic. You don't demand a diet overhaul immediately in order to be a 'good' person. You just share what you know and encourage. Thank you for making me look harder to choose better.

Thanks to Bryan Allain for writing a funny book. I got a copy of his book for an honest review.

This is my honest review.

I must say that when I read books I rarely laugh out loud. I might sigh or harrumph, but not laugh. This one made me laugh out loud several times because it is that funny. You will want to go back and read it more than once because there is so much humor you just can't take it in all at once.

Although it won't teach you where the sayings come from, it will help you understand a little more about how difficult the English language can be for some people. As a foreign language teacher, I get tired of hearing that English is an easy language. An example from this book can show my students that is not true and provide a little humor. I am not advocating this as a book to teach children. It is simply a good example of why many English phrases can not be taken literally and how funny it is when they are taken literally.

If you are looking for something funny to read, buy this and read it.
If you are looking for something funny to read about the English language, buy this and read it several times.


  1. It's awesome to think that you're not alone. It's even better to KNOW. So you can KNOW that I will be up and walking the same journey with you unless I'm sick or hurt. That way we can do this together.

    You bless me, my friend!!

  2. Thanks. I thought about you when I was REALLY not wanting to walk this morning. However, I did it and I'm glad I did.