Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday is my Muse: Temptation

Temptation by Andrea Ward

That old feeling resurfaces
That feeling close to flying
A chance at her finger tips
Just a step or two this way
She'd be in.
Its the normal thing to do.
She has extra money this month.
It would make the others feel better.
Less awkward, less aware

Less aware of her failings.
Less aware of her faults.
Less aware of her struggles.

Behind the mask of perfection,
She is broken.
She has been used by this feeling before.
She knows the adreniline rush.
She knows the dreamy air
She knows the pounding of the heart
When the forbidden is near.

It makes you feel more alive
It makes you feel more connected
It makes you feel the world at your feet
The spirits are alive
The air is in your lungs
And the devil is in your mind.

Just tonight would be okay.
It wouldn't beat her just tonight
She could hold it off for just tonight
She could be strong
She could stand the pressure
She could prove it wrong.

And then an angel takes her hand
It leads her away.
She sits on the sidelines
Knowing she has made the right decision
She sits alone and comforted
The silence joins her
As do her tears

She is not strong
She can not stand
She is still that broken girl
But she has a healer
And upon Him she will depend

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