Friday, October 26, 2012

In case you were wondering...

I thought I would post a few updates on some various blog posts I have written recently.

On Monday, I posted part of my new story. I needed a name and a few of you came through. She is now Emily Jones. Her mother is named Charlotte. So in that family there is a Lottie and Liddie. Not sure why that is important yet, but it will be. And Emily now has a new friend who showed up, Cara or Cora.  I'm leaning towards Cora. She is the wife of a new pastor in town.

A couple weeks ago I posted about my new tattoo. It has healed nicely and is still pushing me to be more story-like.  For instance on Wednesday's post when I was tempted to tell what happened when we were eating out, I stopped and decided to show you the story instead. Less telling, more showing. That's my new goal here. And I obviously started a new story and I am pushing myself not to give up on it and to work through the 'I don't know' parts.

In September, I wrote about my bad service at Starbucks. I did email them and received a lovely email response. They followed that with a couple coupons and a nice letter.  It totally wasn't coupons as a pay off for bad service. They were genuinely sorry for my bad experience and wanted to try to do something to make me feel better. And they did. So yay Starbucks!

And finally way back in January, I wrote about trying to manipulate God.  (I forgot it was that far back!) Last week we thought I might be pregnant. It turns out I was just late, but it brought this post to my mind quite a bit. I'm still tired of the manipulating and I have made strides toward doing it God's way. However, I still have a ways to go because I still feel a smidge like God might not know what he's doing and that he might not love me enough to give me the desire of my heart.  In my head, I know that is not true. My heart just isn't quite there yet.

Thanks for listening all the time! I really appreciate you all and that you have allowed me to create this space here for my thoughts and my life.


  1. Girl, thank you for all the links recently! I love it.

    I've been reading all your posts, even when I don't comment. :)

  2. You are very welcome. I have obviously been reading your when I don't comment either. So I understand. :)