Saturday, October 6, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 10-6

Pictures of Poverty - Friendship even brings smiles to the most challenging situations 

Shawn Smucker - Are you annoyed by the right people? - I am beginning to realize that I am annoyed by all the wrong people. That is, if I’m going to attempt to live with Jesus as my model. Talkative down-and-outers routinely put me off, drive me away, and set me to biting my nails in a how-can-I-extricate-myself-from-this-conversation kind of way. I have far too little patience for people who do not impress me.

The Chruch of No People - The American Gospel of Self-Reliance  - We are indoctrinated with the gospel of self-reliance, of individuals pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.  When we say that “God will never give you more than you can handle,” we are hoping our downtrodden friend will read between the lines: “Buck up! You can handle whatever God throws at you…by yourself.  Please don’t ask for my help.  You can handle this.”

Campfire Cowboy Ministries - Gas station sunglasses - What I remember clearly is that I was talking to somebody who was on the bucking chutes….so my back was facing the arena.  I was having a good ‘ol time, not thinking about the fact that bull riding can be hazardous to one’s health…because I wasn’t competing in it.  As I was looking up at the bucking chutes laughing at something one of my buddies had said or done, all of a sudden I hear, “Jake!  Look out!”

The Arizona Russums - The problem with dresses - I always thought dresses were my best friend...

but I've learned the truth.

Those backstabbing dresses are actually my worst enemy.
101 Books - One mistake many writers make - Do you see any difference between example one and example two?
1. I love dogs.  I hate cats.
2. I love dogs. I hate cats.
Anything stand out there?

Finding Beautiful - No, I don't think it's that great  - But what if he IS a bully?  What do we know about bullies?  Why do they bully in the first place?  Usually it's because they feel bad about themselves and/or they feel a great lack of control in what's taking place their lives.  They're trying to make themselves feel better by taking down someone else and taking back a measure of control over their world.  Do you solve this problem by making the bully feel worse? 

Youth Pastor Without a Guitar - Don't call it a comeback 2.0  - I also let it bother me that I'm not a worship leader and we don't have a youth praise band like so many other groups.  That's completely the wrong focus.  Maybe that's something you're struggling with in your line of work or somewhere in your walk with Christ.

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