Saturday, October 27, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 10-27

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The Grocery Run - Monday's Inspiration: Be You 

Articles to which I can relate
Katie Hawkins: Missionary to Albania - Excuse my Albanian  - This is for speakers of multiple languages!  I totally understand this.

The Well Thought Out Life - Small town cemeteries and pieces of history  - There is someone else in the world who thinks like I do!  I so love this article.

101 Books - Mr. Fitzgerald deserves a good shaking  - So I'm not the only one that thinks some classics just aren't that good.

Run with the Big Girls - I I I I work out - It is her honesty that keeps me coming back.

Campfire Cowboy Ministries - The four-second cat bath - This one will make you stop and think ... for a long time.

The Grocery Run - All the Reasons  - Read this one with the one above and you will find a deep down string of your eternal self being pulled.

A Deeper Story - Haunting - This one explained a piece of my soul.

A Deeper Church - Church Words  - As I get older and grow more in Christ, I find myself thinking these things more often.

Life and Theology - Christian Fatigue Syndrome  - This month my family and I are here.  We are so here.

Thoughts on Life, God, and Ministry - Times they are a changing  - I so love this story. It gives me hope for the future and a new perspective.

This Ordinary Adventure - Foreign Policy beyond war, terror, and "national security"  - What exactly should foreign policy mean? I was disappointed with the debate and I wasn't the only one.

The Creativity Post - Salvador Dali's creative thinking technique  - Having studied Dali, this post was so amazing and so on point. I think it is a must for any creative.

A Deeper Family - In which I challenge feminism  - This post and the following conversation was so real and useful. I learned from it and you might as well.

Inspiring Articles
This Time Around - Defining SuccessI also remember having a hard time – particularly in high school – figuring out what I was good at. Maybe that’s why I liked re-lacing my shoes so much as kid. 

Jen Hatmaker - The election thoughts form a Christian Independent  - That any believer imagines a political platform will either usher in or threaten the kingdom of God is worse than dramatic; it is unbelief.

The Isle of Man - Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose  - Whether you dig Star Wars or not, you have to admit -- he had a point.

Anger, fear and aggression will do nothing good for you, specifically when they are working together. And I think it's interesting that they would be grouped together in this particular quote.
A Deeper Family - No less good - Even now, three weeks after everything crashed around me, there’s still a pull to “just be okay” – to act as if nothing is wrong. I’m learning this isn’t the way to live. True, the other way leads to uncomfortable conversations and awkward emails. It’s difficult to let someone else hold your pain for awhile. But I’m recognizing the goodness in admitting I’m not okay – that my expectations were shattered and I just don’t know where to land outside of His hand (and wasn’t I there to begin with? so what does this mean of His goodness?)

The Well Thought Out Life - I don't like the word "missionary" -  Do you think missionaries are a super holy group of folks doing the most difficult work of God?

Ah, your respect is appreciated and I hope what we do is worthy of honor, but your workplace may be a more difficult mission field and you persevere in daily. What we do is not so different, it's just in a different place. 
The Isle of Man - If I ever teach a Class on Parenting  - You'll eat, drink and go to the bathroom on their schedule.

And you'll like it.

At some point, you're gonna get pooped on

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