Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 10-13

My thoughts
The Well-Thought Out Life - Ignatius and Road Trips - This post makes me want to read the writings of  Saint Ignatius.  See what you think!

Red Letter Believers - Say a Prayer for the Pretender  - This one spoke directly to my heart.  And it still is.

Writerly Stuff
The Office of Letters and Light - Pantser? Planner? Percolator?  - I’m intrigued by people’s approaches to writing a novel because writers’ processes can seem as indelibly etched in their psyches as their genetic makeups. Some of us like clutter. Some of us need clean, organized spaces. Some of us live somewhere in between.

Unknown Jim - Fears, Lies, and Doubts: A Breakdown of the Inner Voices - But I’m tired of listening to lies, what ifs and could bes.
I refuse to give in.
Here is a breakdown of the voices I have been hearing and why each is a lie.
This Time Around - Sometimes you need to shut your eyes - He said sometimes you need to shut your eyes to what you see and look at what God has said to or shown you. And if what you heard or saw is indeed from God, then you need to keep looking for that thing, whatever it may be. Don’t listen to what others are saying to you about it, to what you are saying to you about it – listen to God. Follow Him.

Writers Space - Ten things I wish I learned... - I think there comes a stage in our life when we recall the many things that make us into the persons we are today.  We realize that despite the pain, the loneliness or the discomfort these experiences brought us, life couldn’t have dealt with us any better (or worse) for us to learn what we needed to know.

Drip Jesus - I'm okay with me  - I’m okay with being me.
Because I understand that I was fashioned in the image our our Creator and I know He is ever transforming me into His likeness.
Missional God Stuff

True Beggars - The "Nones"...Nothing is Something -  I agree. But I am afraid that most of the Amercian church, while cringing at such statistics, will respond in its usual way. That means we will likely take our "let's-just-hope-it-goes-away" stance while trying to convinve ourselves that things are going just fine. But that's unacceptable. 

The Well-Thought Out Life - Nations in our backyard - The thing is, the Protestant church in America sends missionaries around the world. Do we realize that the nations are in our back yard? If we do, and we don't care, then our missions passion is disingenuous and fueled instead by a desire for adventure and influence.

The Exodus Road - Sponsor an Investigator  - And here’s where you can help. We are launching a new initative where YOU can hire one of our trained operatives for an evening of local investigations. We know that you probably can’t travel oceans and enter brothels, but our coalition of investigators can, and does. For $35, either one time or monthly, you send a qualified investigator out into the streets of SouthEast Asia to look for victims of sex trafficking on your behalf.

People and  God Stuff

Magnolia Lane - My heart - But the fact is, this burden I carry is too heavy for me and I cant carry it anymore. And it was never my burden in the first place.There should be no guilt in my abundance. I no longer see how I can be of use to him when I myself am always questioning why I have so much and feel so abundant, while others suffer. I am blessed and that is not a bad thing or something that should make me feel guilty. And is it crazy that my idea of abundance is this? My simple life, our small budget, my second hand clothes...all of it. Its all abundance. Its a time of less guilt and more action for me. What could he do through me? What does he want to do? What is possible?

The Church of No People - Worse than an unbeliever, a guest blog from Sonny Lemmons - Although some pastors and theologians believe I as a man am supposed to be THE provider, the reality is that I was simply one financial provider in our marriage. To some Christians, this already placed me behind a biblical 8-ball, failing to fulfill the spiritual obligation I held to lead in every aspect of our relationship. The fact we were going to invert our “biblical” roles as mom and dad pushed our heresy to eleven in the eyes of many.

The Well-Thought Out Life - I don't care if I never see a miracle but...  - This is the true miracle to me. Marriages that are characterized by deep intimacy and love and respect life-long, sometimes that initially had no earthly reason to survive. That.... now that is amazing. Children, unloved and neglected, who somehow have hearts taken ahold of and are transformed to wholeness and health as adults. Inexplicable. People with enemies, deeply wronged, who somehow forgive and pour out their lives to help those they should hate. Those who have nothing and are completely content and filled with joy despite all they lack.

Life Stuff
I'd laugh, but this all happened to me - The Magnificence of Baseball - In many parts of my life I am a progressive, someone who enjoys and embraces change.  When it comes to baseball, I am a purist.  I have never liked the DH.  No baseball team (including my beloved Rays) should play in a dome unless it has a retractable roof. 

The Rantings of a Dad - How to eat a sandwich - Two results are possible: 

Daddy: Sees your shirt, exclaims "Oh no!" and rushes upstairs to get you a clean shirt. If you have done your job properly, you'll get a free Happy Meal and won't have to go through this process again for a few days.

Mommy: You get a bath and an early nap time. 

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