Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fuzzy slippers and dirty diapers

 Photo Credit: Me!

"Ooooh." He said walking through the door picking up his new slippers. Ignoring the plastic piece tying them together, he attempted to put them on his feet. His father managed to stop him long enough to separate the shoes and then put them on his feet.

The gift cards from the local restaurant were waiting, so with his new blue monster slippers we set off. Arriving at the restaurant, Daddy carried him in. There was no waiting and we were seated. The wonderful waitress took the drink order and he settled into the booth with his crayons.

"Mom, what color do I need?"


"Nooo. Red." He replied patiently.

After getting his order, Mom began to look for her own.  Not yet ready when the waitress arrived with drinks, she kept looking. A few color picks later the waitress returned. Mom chose at the last minute as usual. Deciding on one thing to go with is not her strong suit.

The food arrived quickly and he picked at it.  He was done and asking to go play before Dad had tasted his burger. Mom finished quickly with uneaten pizza making a great assist in the entertaining department. While playing with the arcade games without money. Mom smelled something.  Steering him back toward the table, she asked him to go to the bathroom. He refused her company, but did accept Daddy's. After a short time away, Daddy returned with bad news the massive diaper needed a changing table and the men's restroom didn't have one. So he assented to go with Mom. On the changing table they had a discussion about why the potty should be used. He disagreed, but Mom talked on anyway.

Upon opening the diaper Mom discovered that the antibiotics had taken full effect. The nasty green covered everything and ran out in a few places. As Mom reached for the wipes, she remembered they were low. She shook them and was worried. She opened them and found one. That one didn't go too far. She told him to keep his feet up while she grabbed some paper towels.  They did the best they could, but were no match for the antibiotic effects. She did the best they could to clean him. She put on a new diaper and continued to talk about the need for the potty.

She was forced to put the spotty clothes back on and return to the table. When at the table, he requested his colored page to go home in his bag. Then she noticed more clothes in his bag. Back they went to the bathroom. New clothes and the same potty discussion proceeded. A superhero shirt, black shorts, and his new blue monster slippers clothe him as they walk through the restaurant and back to their table. Finally he is settled and the bill is paid. Home they go to the bathtub.

Moral of the story: Take a change of clothes with antibiotics. And sometimes a change of shoes is necessary too.

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