Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What they tell me

A couple weeks ago, I saw something about becoming a Compassion Blogger.  I read the blogs of a couple different child sponsorship companies and I love the stories that I read.  The bloggers for these companies are amazing.  The stories they tell are real and inspiring.  You probably know that I think highly of them because I link so many on my Good Stuff Saturday  posts.  I want to write like that, so I took the challenge.  September is blog month at Compassion. Why?  Their goal is to get 3,108 children sponsored this month.  That is a crazy number!  But that would be an amazing number of lives to change.  So I don't want to just throw up a bunch of random facts copied from other places.  My goal for this blog is to write stories about my real life.  Child sponsorship is a part of my real life, so I want to tell stories about it.  That is what I am doing this month telling stories about my experiences with child sponsorship in hopes of changing some lives, yours and theirs.

The challenge for this week is to write as if I were one of my sponsored children.  However, I do not think I am up to that task.  So I'm going to type out sentences they have actually written to me.

 Photo Credit: Me

From Deethana ('ana' as Ben calls her) in Thailand

"Many teachers at the school have left, but there is only a new teacher so soldiers come to help to teach because we don't have enough teachers.  My parents are cultivating the land to grow rice everyday, so we expect to have enough to eat through this year."  June 25, 2011

"There is 1 new teacher at my school and she's a lady and the other 4 new teachers are coming in this coming Tuesday.  I'm so glad to have new teachers because there are just 7 teachers left in my school now."  July 29, 2011

"I haven't worshiped God because my school is a Buddhist school.  I'm so glad to attend project activity on Saturday.  It makes me learn many things in the Bible. ...  Pray for me that I'll love God more and able to be a blessing to the teachers."  July 29, 2011

"Please pray for my older brother not to forget God during working in Ayutthaya."  September 9, 2011

"I would like to thank God that I am able to be in this project.  I can study the Sunday school, Life Skills, and I can learn many things from the Bible.  I can memorize Bible verses, sing songs.  i like a lot and I love God more."  November 30, 2011

"My favorite Scripture is Matthew 5:5 "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth."  January 10, 2012

"For school result, I received the 13th place of the class.  Hope you are happy with me.  I thank God for that.  I'm not sad to receive 13th place of the class.  I will pay more focus on school. ... Next school year, I will do better on school and make you happy. ... During school break, I will help my parents working and be a good child for you."  March 26, 2012

From Roselvina ('ina' as Ben calls her) in Guatemala 

"She thanks you for the Christmas present that you sent her because she doesn't receiver presents.  She asks you to pray for her family and for her studies and for the Compassion project because she wants to be an obedient girl there to God."  February 3. 2009

"She says that she loves you and sens you a big hug and she wants to know if you gave birth to the baby and what the name of the baby is."  February 26, 2009

"Her parents, brothers, and the whole family like sports and what they play most is soccer and basketball."  December 10, 2009

"Her parents are sending you their best regards and gratitude for the help you send Roselvina.  They thank you for everything you send her and for sponsoring her too."  April 15, 2010

"She also says to please pray for her and her family and especially for her father so he will accept Christ in his heart."  July 2, 2010

"Let me tell you that I like going to the Project because I learn about God.  My parents and siblings have accepted Christ.  I ask you to pray for my family and me so we can go on in God's work."  April 16, 2011

"My favorite animal is the rabbit.  I like them because they jump high."  May 5, 2012

As I reread their letters and typed these words, I feel so blessed to be a part of the lives of these two girls.  Their words, drawings, and pictures are so special to me.  They really are like a part of the family.  

Maybe you are thinking about sponsoring a child.  You should do it!  It will be such a blessing to you and your family as well as a blessing to the precious child that you sponsor.  These are just a few examples of the special things I have shared with my two girls.  What will you share with your sponsored child?

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