Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Show us your relationship

I'm taking a break from my Love in the Real World series because...

A couple weeks ago, I saw something about becoming a Compassion Blogger.  I read the blogs of a couple different child sponsorship companies and I love the stories that I read.  The bloggers for these companies are amazing.  The stories they tell are real and inspiring.  You probably know that I think highly of them because I link so many on my Good Stuff Saturday  posts.  I want to write like that, so I took the challenge.  September is blog month at Compassion. Why?  Their goal is to get 3,108 children sponsored this month.  That is a crazy number!  But that would be an amazing number of lives to change.  So I don't want to just throw up a bunch of random facts copied from other places.  My goal for this blog is to write stories about my real life.  Child sponsorship is a part of my real life, so I want to tell stories about it.  That is what I am doing this month telling stories about my experiences with child sponsorship in hopes of changing some lives, yours and theirs.

They are about halfway to their goal of getting 3,108 children sponsored!  God is really moving and this is really happening.  I'm so excited!  But as excited as I am, I have seen the faces of the kids that still need sponsors and my heart goes out to them.  I want to sponsor them all because I want to make their lives better.  But that part of me doesn't trust God enough, so I'm going to focus on the excited part.  Compassion is hosting a contest for Pinterest.  

I think this is a neat way to celebrate the children that we sponsor.  We can pin the things that remind us of the child.  We can pin the things we have in common.  We can visually share the relationship we have with our sponsored child. 

It isn't all fun though because as I was searching for pins I realized how vulnerable this makes me.  I can't keep this relationship to myself.  By pinning things, I am opening up the relationship to potential criticism.  If you go look at my board, then you'll see what I think about them.  When you see what I think about them, then you might be thinking about the things that are missing from the board.  It is not complete yet, but I can't think of that much more to add to it as well.  So you can see that I don't know that much about them.  I don't have many pictures to put on there.  I have not visited them in person.  I can not verbally describe their personality.  I don't even have a lot of personal photos on there.  So don't judge me too harshly because I'm still really bad at this sponsorship thing and I just pray that God will use my feeble efforts to make a difference. 

Quoting from the email I received: "The Pinterest contest is an opportunity for you to share your heart for children in poverty and, to bless little ones in need, in a new and creative way."  So if you like Pintrest, you have a new challenge.  If you like a challenge, go to Pinterest and start pinning.  And if you have a heart for children in poverty, go show that off because it is a special part of you.

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