Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy and Reading

Worm  Photo Credit:  Matt Erasmus

Earlier this week, I read this post.  It made me think and think and think some more.  I came to the conclusion that I blog (at least in part) because I don't believe people will take my words seriously in real life.  Somehow having control over them here feels like they have more weight.  I'm not sure what to do with that.

I think I will take this advice and this advice.  I'm unplugging for my day off and reading a couple good books.  I might even get on the treadmill and read one.

But before I do a few good things this week.

1.  Tuesday was my birthday.  I got some amazing flowers and got to go out to eat.
2.  My Christian club helped out with the Drama Club Talent Show production for the United Way.  Over 100 people and over $250, not to mention a whole lot of kids show casing their talent on stage and behind it.  WAY TO GO KIDS!
3.  I have today off, so I got to sleep in.
4.  I had a good meeting on yesterday.
5.  I get to take Ben to school today!
6.  I got a pretty good email back from Starbucks about my complaint I filed.

Thanks for reading this little blurb and for coming back tomorrow.  Ya'll are wonderful!


  1. I am glad it went well last night! Sleeping in rocks!! What is up with Starbucks! Love ya, and I take your words serious here and in real life!! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! You're pretty awesome!