Monday, September 10, 2012

Guest Post Silence

Dear Reader,

I had a great story that I planned to write, but this morning the words won't come. (I'm shooting for Friday.)  In fact, this morning no words will come.  My mind keeps racing with the seemingly endless list of things I must remember while Drew is gone to a pastor's gathering.  I am a little stressed and that means my need for silence is greater.  I need to sit and listen to nature around me to calm my spirit and focus my energy.  So I'm going to take this time to sit quietly, read the Bible, and pray a little before I start my crazy week.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

I do have a couple pictures for you of what we have been up to recently.  And a guest post today on The Esau Project.  Does that make this non-post better?  Hope so.

Love ya,

 We don't eat at this little diner often enough.  I just love the atmosphere

Saturday we had a car wash.  This guy even wanted his car washed in the rain.
I got a new car and I love it!

Here's more of my fabulous car.

Don't forget to go check out the guest post!  It's another letter.  This one is to my 18 year old self.  Go take a look!

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  1. Is it a hatchback, a sedan, or an SUV? I, myself, am not really sure, but no matter, the Jeep Compass has good handling and practicality that I would enjoy. It can fit five people, which is perfect for me, and the boot is acceptable at 458 liters. It’s quite tempting to own one. =)

    Ivo Beutler