Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 9-8

Lots and lots of reading material this week!

Thoughts on Politics
Of Paper, Pints, and Tweed - Cruciform Politics
Shawn Smucker - Why Christians should be in the Minority 
The Church of No people - Why Political Parties are like Beer 
Thoughts on Live, God, and Ministry - Thoughts ont he RNC and the DNC 

Overseas Observations
World Vision - Married at 13

Journey of a Christ follower to Albania - Two worlds

I needed to hear this, so maybe you do too
Life and Theology - Encouraging Boys to be Boys 
A Deeper Story - I am not third

Great stories that I read
Thoughts on Life, God, and Ministry - I know the plans I have for you
Beta Christian - He was there 
The Esau Project - It's not your fault
Compassion - Freely Receive Freely Give

God stuff to make you think - Are we bridge builders or bridge bombers?
Top of the Page - One reason why people don't come to church 
Stuff Christians Like - Dear God
Katie Hawkins Missionary to Albaina - God's Temple

Just for fun
The Isle of Man - Friday Funhouse September 7, 2012 

A chance for you to change the world
The Sound of Hope - Help us keep our wheels turning 

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