Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 9-22

Pictures and Videos that will interest you

Pictures of Poverty - Big Smiles from Ethiopia

Isle of Man - Friday Funhouse: September 21, 2012

Compassion - Coming full circle: The Anita Charles Story

Fun Stories
Campfire Cowboys Ministries - Wooly Mammoths cause Memory Loss  -  Apparently, shaking my face was the last of many mistakes I had made those last few days.  Because when I did, they opened the chute gate and let the wooly mammoth out with me on its back and a flank strap being pulled tight to make sure it would really buck.  The next thing I remember is being home two days later.

Katie Hawkins: Missionary to Albania - Friends in High Places - Yes. I’ve got friends in high places here in Albania and it pays.
The particular high place I’m referring to is a pizzeria which may not seem that high to you. But to me, it’s very important!

God Stuff
Prodigal Magazine - Do you want to be innocent or relevant? - To put it another way, a lot of people want the Christian world to look like the world of seven-year-olds.  Pure, innocent, child-like, bland, lacking anything that would be controversial or provocative…or worth paying attention to.

Mustard Seed - Faithful Friday: Faith like a child - When some one or something was chasing you, you ran to Mommy or Daddy because you knew they would protect you.  You would leap into their arm and not worry about falling.  The idea of them not catching you never even entered your mind.  This is the kind of faith Christ wants from us. He wants us to leap into His arms and not worry about falling.

A Deeper Story - Grief: 3 little girls and God somewhere  - My wife died, and that’s completely all there is to it.
In one moment, breath and dreams and family and tomorrow.  In the next, nothing.  Just that quickly did death find my family and measure our days short.
The end.
The Exodus Road - The river of Human Trafficking: An Illustration - And, so, what do you do? You can’t be all three places at once, and there are small children drowning literally all around you-literally, all around you.
And it doesn’t take long to realize that a single you is nowhere near enough.
Glimpses of Glory - Googling your perfect church  - What would yours be?
If you knew that you get find the place where you belong by simply typing in some key words, what would they be?
“Sara Groves, Shane Claiborne, spiritual mutt, community, dirty, freedom, grace, love, prostitutes, lepers, Aids, Holy”
Compassion - It takes Humility to be One  - After his guest went back home, the teacher started feeling proud of himself, knowing how wise he was. He started recalling all the wisdom he had and how much others respected him for it.
Suddenly, he realized that he had become arrogant. Therefore, he wanted to remove his arrogance by mopping the floor several times as a reflection of his repentance.
While listening to his teacher, Andy realized that he used to experience this same kind of struggle, so he began reflecting on different kinds of pride. Finally, he figured out that there are three kinds.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Mustard Seed - Temptation Tuesday: Avoiding Temptation  - Try as I might, I have been unable to avoid temptation.  As a Christian temptation is supposed to bounce off me like bullets off Superman, right?  When do I get that Christian superpower?  I know what I’ll do! I’ve got it!  I’ll lock myself in a dark room and close my eyes and cover my ears.  That's gotta work! 

Regular Living Stuff
World Vision - This Campaign:  Why isn't poverty an issue? - But there’s one issue I’ve missed hearing from both candidates’ campaigns: I haven’t heard a word about what they propose to do for those who suffer from poverty — here in the United States or around the world.

101 Books - The Dangers of Trusting Wikipedia - Let’s talk about that for a second. How ridiculous that Wikipedia “requires” Roth to provide a secondary source, other than himself, on what inspired HIM to write a novel, to create art. Amazing.

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