Monday, September 3, 2012

Finding my Story: Mom

Family Group  Photo Credit:  anyjazz65 

So you probably thought this series was over when I posted this.  I talked about my parentsmy grandparentsmy great-grandparentssome other family members,  the younger onesthe girls and the  in laws.  I brought them all together to summarize who I am finding myself to be.  It was a beautiful wrap up to a beautiful series that told you all about me and told all the family in my life how much they mean to me.  It touched hearts.  It was magical.  (That might be an over exaggeration.) Then God impressed upon me that I wasn't done.  So I told you more about my dad.  Today I'm telling you some more about my mom. 

As I said before my dad and I are alike in many of the ways we deal with the world.  My mom and I are alike in the way we spend our time.  For instance, my mom and I both love stories, both in books and on TV.  We often share books back and forth, except if it doesn't end right.  I have to keep those to myself.  

When I was in junior high (yes, I'm old enough for it to be called junior high.), we had competitions every year for writing a fiction story.  Back in the day, I would write it out by hand and my mom would take it to work and type it because we didn't have anything to type it with.  My dad would take it to be laminated and bound together.  I would turn the book in and I even won the competition a time or two.  I even won the year my mom changed the ending.  She didn't like the way I ended the story.  (I think a ghost shot a woman because she had been mean to his cats.)  I had the woman dying.  My mom thought that was mean.  So the ghost guy missed the woman.  She lived and he got better.  That was a happier ending and made for a better story, so she said when I found out AFTER it was laminated and bound.  The tempestuous author in me objected, but the daughter in me said, "That's my mom!"

My mom and I also have a similar sense of humor.  There were many, many times when I was told, "Don't encourage her."  After mom told a funny joke that Dad and Jon didn't think was so funny.  That only made me laugh harder.  My mom is a funny lady.  Dad and Jon may not believe it, but I do.  Keep telling the jokes Mom because they are funny!

My mom is also the best housekeeper in the world.  I am not like her that way.  She always gets the dishes done and laundry done.  She gets it all put away.  She gets the kitchen clean every night.  She keeps things put away and organized.  Dad does his share of organizing, vacuuming, and cleaning.  My mom is incredible about keeping stuff clean and organized.  I am so not even close to that amazing.  My mom always keeps the house together and running right.  

My mom has always listened to me without giving opinions.  She just listened.  I remember many days of teenage drama that she listened to and let me figure out my answer.  Even now, I will call her after a hard day at work and talk it through.  I hope that my children see my love for them in my stories, my laughter and my life.  

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