Friday, August 3, 2012

Two Words

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Potty Training!

One day this week was a massive success.  Another day was pretty much a failure.

I am so frustrated with this!  And more than frustrated, I feel like I am a failure.  I ask him if he needs to go.  I try to watch him for cues.  At home, we run back to the potty.  He will go.  He comes out of the bathroom, raises his arms and yells, "I go potty!"  There have even been a few times, where he will go by himself and dump it from his potty to the big potty.  He'll even wash his hands himself.  At home he has had only a few accidents in the last couple weeks unless he has training pants on.  With those on, it's all out the window.

This week we have tried to go just underwear.  As I said above, one was great and one was not.  Now, I'm going back to work.  So Ben is going to just be at home where we can get practice.  So I feel like our time is gone.  I feel like he will have to do this all on his own.  That makes me feel like a failure.

So potty training is beating me up pretty good.

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