Monday, August 6, 2012

Searching for creativity

blank page  Photo Credit: matty_gibbon

I sit here looking at a blank screen desiring creativity.  Today I want to put beautiful words together to stir the heart.  I want to draw a picture to tell the world a beautiful story.  As I try to quiet myself and touch the creative part of me, a thousand other things bombard me.

I have bills to pay.
I have this blog post to write.
I have a webpage to update.
I have a Twitter account to keep relevant.
I have a syllabus to write.
I have lessons to plan.
I have an attendance document to create.
I have a grade book to fill out.
I have a seating chart to fill out.
I have other blogs to read.
I have a book I want to read.

I want to finish these things, but I don't want to start them.  I am playing Dean Martin in hopes of calming my mind.  It is doing no good.  I'm ready to change to Disciple.  I'm ready to give up my creative yearnings for now to complete this to do list.

Maybe tomorrow my spirit and my mind will be in the same place.


  1. I get that feeling too on some days. There are just too many little details to take care of when all my heart wants to do is one thing. Sometimes, I get lucky. Sometimes, luck's just not on my side. Hopefully, you'll find your balance one day soon.

  2. Thanks! It is encouraging to know that others go through the same thing.