Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From a Mom to a Dad: Guest Post

Today I have the honor of appearing on The Isle of Man.  Kevin and his wife Kim just had a baby boy and he needed some people to help him out on his blog, so he could take a break and be with his new family.  I got some inspiration and sent him some words.  Then I found out I would be guest posting with a bunch of real bloggers and got worried.

 (That is Kevin and Kim.  If you want to more about them, go here.)

SO, I would love for you all to go over there and read what I had to say.  You might even think about leaving a comment.  That would make it seem a little more like I am almost as cool as the other bloggers.  Read some of the other bloggers while your at it and some of Kevin's posts.

And a preview of what you will go read:

"Marshall Dillon never settled down with Miss Kitty because he knew he wouldn't be a good husband. He was, however, an amazing law man who valued and protected the people of Dodge City. Yes, I know he is a fictional character, but they wrote him in a way that appealed to the masses."

Now that you are wondering what Gunsmoke has to do with being a new father.  Go read the rest of what I had to say!

Thank you guys for your support!

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