Friday, July 6, 2012

Trusting God

Trust  Photo Credit: vagawi

When I don't trust God, deep inside I am unsettled.  Nothing feels right.  Nothing fits anymore and the future sure doesn't seem to fit.

I have read several blogs this week about trusting God.  I don't really remember which ones, so check out my post tomorrow.  I'm sure they are on there.  Drew and I have had a LOT going on recently.  Youth trips and youth camps, all day meetings for work, family visits in IL, hurt ankle and knee because I tripped, my phone stopped working, lightening struck a tree at home while we were away and half of it fell down, a bees nest in our brush pile because it has been too dry or too wet to burn, our car had to be fixed before we left, the book I'm reading got coffee and water spilled on it, weeds taking over our garden, a lot of stress, a little yelling, some forgiveness, and some forgiveness issues.

Drew and I are having our moments of doubt and depression over it all, but we KNOW that Satan is attacking us for some reason.  We're going to believe God has a plan and it is for our good.  Some good has been happening from it.  We found a mechanic on a few hours notice.  One of our neighbors and my Mother In Law cut the half tree apart.  The tree didn't hit anyone and since we weren't at home it didn't freak Ben out.  The youth trip helped the group bond in amazing ways we didn't expect.  My ankle and knee were NOT bad enough to have to go to the doctor.  My phone still half works and I can go get it fixed tomorrow. I have babysitters for the days I am working and Drew is going to be at camp.  The book I'm reading is teaching me about God and making me think hard about who he is and what he does and the way he does it.

So I'm doing my best to trust God even when my heart wants to run away.  I'm trusting God even when my bank account says otherwise.  I'm trusting God even when I see the to fix list stacking up and the weeds growing wild.  I'm trusting God even when people are being human.  I'm trusting God.

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