Monday, July 9, 2012

The time I tried to steal the groceries

Finally managed to start using canvas bags at the grocery store  Photo Credit: jessica mullen

This week Drew is gone to youth camp and Ben and I are hanging out at home.  I have 3 all day meetings for  the school and the district this week.  So I have baby sitting set up for him, toys are gathered, lunches planned, and we are ready to go.  Drew and I went to church this morning and it was an AMAZING service.  Drew and I were both touched by the sermon and moved to change things in our lives.  I'll discuss that more on Thursday.  I helped Drew pack his stuff in the church van.  I took Ben to PawPaw's house for lunch.  We played at Nana's a little.  Then I had to go be a real adult.  I put Drew's pay check in the ATM.  I also had to get gas and a few groceries, so I waited until after church.  Ben and I arrived to church early.  We played in the nursery for a bit.  I went upstairs to the youth room and taught the lesson.  I think it went well because I was nervous about it.  A lesson for youth is not the same as a lesson for my class.  And we had 2 new youth move up tonight.  So stressful, but it went well.

Then I had to go get gas.  I was a bit afraid if I was going to get there or not because the needle was so close to the line.  I noticed that and then I saw the light turn red.  I said a prayer for the gas to hold out and stopped the car as easily as I could.  I turned off the air and the radio.  Then I remembered that the radio only mattered for battery, so I turned it back on.  I left air off and started sweating a little from the heat.  The light turned green and we proceeded through the intersection.  I arrived at the gas station with gas to spare.  I pulled out the gas saver card.  You know the one you get because you spend so much at the grocery store attached to it.  I grabbed my wallet and got out of the car.  I didn't think I had any savings on the card, but I did.  $0.10!  So I got gas for less than $3.00.  I pretty much filled up the car.  I pull out my debit card, pay for it, put the card back in the wallet, and put the wallet back in the car.

I headed over to the grocery store.  I went through a mental check list of what I needed.  Waffles, lunch meat, cheese, and cereal.  Of course, I hadn't written it down because I normally note it on my phone.  That is broken. So I only had this list in my head and that didn't last long.  Hummus was on sale, so I got some.  Cheese was on sale, so I got some more.  I made some pasta salad last night.  I'll probably be eating that this week.  I did remember the lunch meat and waffles too.  Ben got Goldfish and a Lunchable.  I forgot the cereal.  No biggie though.  I go to the front and wait in line.  We get up to the counter and greeted the new checker.  He ran my stuff through and I chattered with Ben about the purchases.  I am ready to pay and search through my purse.  I find nothing.  I set my purse down and looked again.  Still nothing.  I realize that I must have left it in the car.  Then I have to do the one thing, I never ever wanted to have to do.  I had to ask the cashier to hold my stuff while I went outside to get my wallet.

I told him my card was in my car.  He asked if it was my savings card or my debit card.  I stumbled over my words and eventually got to say my debit card.  I said I would be right back.  I don't remember what he said because I was so ashamed of having to ask to do this.  He must have consented.  I had to take Ben's Goldfish away from him.  He was cool with it.  I parked the cart, pulled him out, and walked quickly out the door.  When I got outside, I ran to the car with a 40ish pound toddler on my hip.  It wasn't easy and I'm sure I looked like an idiot, but I had to get the card quickly and get out of that guys line.  I opened the front passenger door and there was nothing there.  I remembered that I dropped Ben's bag, my purse, and my Bible tote in the back seat.  I open that door.  I don't see the wallet.  I start to freak out a little.  Then I move Ben's bag slightly and there it was.  I grabbed it and shut the doors.  With Ben still on my hip, I ran back for the door.  As I got closer, I started to run out of breath.  Ben meanwhile is giggling and bouncing around because he thinks it is funny.  He said multiple times, "Mommy, you are running."  We got to the door and I agreed with him that I was running.  So I told him that I had to put him down because he was heavy.  He was happy and began to run himself.

I walked fast and as we approached the counter where my groceries were waiting, I saw there was another checker at the aisle.  I think he was explaining how to go on to the next customer.  There was a young couple with only ONE item behind me.  I considered paying for their purchase since I had to make them wait.  Then I was afraid it was expensive and I didn't.  My checker noticed me and seemed surprised that I was back already.  He told me the price again, asked, "Debit or credit?", and I swiped the card.  I forgot that Ben always has to push the green button after I type in my PIN.  So I helped him push the Yes and No buttons, then he still pushed the green button.  I chuckled, picked up my 3 bags of groceries, and loaded Ben back in the cart.  We headed out to the car with Ben asking for Goldfish and I thought "This too shall post".  So here I am many words later with my story of the most embarrassing thing I have had to do as an adult.

Tell me I'm not the only one!  Have you ever done this?  What is your most embarrassing grocery store moment?

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