Thursday, July 12, 2012

Names of God

On Monday I briefly mentioned that I would talk about how the service on Sunday touched me.  I'm going to  tell you a little bit about that today.  However, it isn't the whole story.  I have agreed to do a guest post for a friend and it will appear on her blog on Monday, July 23rd.  Sorry for misleading you.  It is a really great story and it is worth the wait.  Now on with today's post.

God is our...  Photo Credit: ford_paul

The thought question has stuck with me and has no answer as of yet is simple. Why? Now let me go back to the story that gets me to that question. On Sunday the pastor was talking about living right where we are because time is brief and our job is large. Something he said hit close to home, so I went forward to pray at the altar.  I often pray using the names of God. Sometimes it is something on purpose, Jehovah Jireh (The Lord who Provides) or El-Shaddai (God Almighty). Sometimes it is just things I have heard and are comforting, Jehovah Nissi or Jehovah M'kadesh. Sunday, I tried a new one. I called him Abba. I have always heard that Abba is the equivalent of Daddy. For some reason I felt unsettled. So I tried another one, Adonai (master).  Adonai touches my soul, but Abba unsettles me.  Why?

I wish I had some amazing theory that would amaze you into tweeting this and posting this on Facebook. But more than your reaction, I wish I had answer for me. Adonai is Hebrew and Abba is Aramaic. Maybe I just like the sound of one better than another. That sounds like a rather simplistic answer. Shouldn't I feel the meaning of the words more than the sound of the words? Shouldn't the intimate name of Abba mean something special? If not, then do I just go with feeling of the words? Is that okay?

What do you guys think?

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