Monday, July 23, 2012

Money issues and trying to be radical

The Esau Project

I have been generously invited to guest post at Julie's place, The Esau Project, while she is on vacation.  A couple weeks ago I had a very moving and challenging experience at church.  Head on over there and find out how God broke my heart over money.  I don't remember exactly what I wrote, but I know what I have felt and been challenged on these last couple weeks.  It is worth it, so go read it!

AND an update on My Radical Experiment.

1.  I did read 5 pages a day and I read the whole Bible in a year.  I loved it!

2.  I did NOT pray for the whole world.  I am going to start that one again.  A small part is because turning the computer on every morning was a pain.  I didn't want to that early.  A larger part is because it was hard! It is hard to see all of the huge issues that so many countries in the world face.  It is hard to simply say a few words and expect God to work.  I know that's what praying is, but my heart and faith weren't ready for this one.  I think I might be ready now.  So here we go.

3.  We have gotten much better about using our money.  We have some work left to do, but we are so much better than when this originally posted.

4.  I have spent some time in another context.  I have become a teacher/leader in the school and in the district.  I NEVER wanted to do this, but God put me here in a new context.  I didn't see that one coming, but it is something that is forcing me outside of my comfort zone and into something I have to work hard to do the right way.

5.  God has grown our ministry.  And yeah I just said that.  My husband is the youth pastor at our church.  The youth group is growing in numbers and spiritually.  It is our ministry and we are pouring our hearts into it.  

I have grown so much in the last year since this was posted.  Part of it was the above things I mentioned and part of it is you guys here who push me show up and say something that matters.  I am in no way perfect, but I feel more comfortable with where I am and where I am going than I ever have in my life.  I

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