Thursday, July 19, 2012

Live 58: International Justice Mission

This month on the Live 58 Tour we are in Uganda.  Remember we have stopped in the Dominican Republic with trees, Haiti with water, and Rawanda with microfinance.  Last month we were in Tanzania with sustainable agriculture.  This month we are learning about property grabbing in Uganda and how International Justice Mission is advocating for the widows.

If you have noticed a trend above, there are SOOO many things we can do to make a difference.  There are real people out there in the world impacted by our decisions.  This is an example.

Did you hear that?  The day of her husband's burial they were already threatening her to leave!  Here in America we hear of a widow and worry about her kids going to college.  In Uganda, they hear of a widow and worry about everything she has being stolen from her.  It is so hard for us to understand that level of corruption and injustice because we are so blessed to live here.  So what can you do?

Pay for her justice.  You can donate to International Justice Mission and they will be her advocates, her lawyer, her social worker, and whatever else she needs to get back on her feet.  Isn't that great to know that with a donation you can make justice happen?  Imagine if every widow had access to these services, then what justice could be accomplished!  We can make this happen.  Do you have a few extra dollars this month?  Give it.  Do you know some people who have extra money?  Tell them.  Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account?  Post it or tweet it.  You can change things because you have a voice.  There are people out there who listen to you.  Tell them.  Give up that dinner out to help widows stay on their land and stay safe.  A little bit from you can make a big difference for them.  Why would you do this?  Because we are Americans and we want justice for all.

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